Monday, September 22, 2014

Jennifer DiNoia to join LONDON cast of Wicked 10/27!

Jennifer DiNoia as Elphaba

Jennifer DiNoia will join the West End company of Wicked in the role of Elphaba on Monday, October 27, 2014.  DiNoia joins the West End cast directly from the Broadway company where she has temporarily been serving as the standby for Elphaba.  DiNoia has been a part of the Wicked family since 2006, joining the now closed Chicago company as a swing, eventually becoming understudy and then standby for the role of Elphaba.  She then joined the Broadway company in 2009 as the standby for Elphaba, and served as temporary alternate for Elphaba in the Sydney, Australia company.  She joined the Asian tour of Wicked as the Alternate for several months before returning to the states to play the role of Elphaba full-time on the 2nd National Tour.  Wicked will mark DiNoia's WEST END debut.

Monday, September 15, 2014

NEW PHOTOS! Chandra Lee Schwartz and Emma Hunton!

Here are some new pictures released of Chandra Lee Schwartz as Glinda and Emma Hunton as Elphaba on the First National Tour of Wicked!  Love them!



Lilli Cooper will join Broadway Company of Wicked!

Cooper and Hayley Podschun
Lilli Cooper will join the Broadway company of WICKED on 9/23, as the standby for Elphaba, replacing Jennifer DiNoia who is currently serving as temporary standby.  Cooper has served as the standby for Elphaba in Australia and the understudy for Elphaba on the 2nd National Tour.  Cooper has previously appeared on Broadway in the Original Broadway Cast of Spring Awakening.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wicked Emerald City Tour (1NT) takes on the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!

Check out this video of Nick Adams and the First National Touring company of Wicked taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! :)  To donate, visit!

Nikki Davis-Jones will no longer join Wicked in London.

In a statement made by Wicked UK's Facebook page yesterday, it was announced that Nikki Davis-Jones, who is currently starring on the UK/Ireland Tour of Wicked, will no longer be joining the London company of Wicked as previously announced.  In addition, Davis-Jones will withdraw from the tour, effective immediately.  Standby for Elphaba Jemma Alexander will complete the show's run at  the Birmingham Hippodrome, and Ashleigh Gray will assume the role of Elphaba, as previously scheduled, on September 16th.

Executive Wicked UK producer Michael McCabe stated: "Nikki Davis-Jones has been an absolutely extraordinary Elphaba on the UK Tour of Wicked, earning herself rave reviews in every city we have played.  So we are all extremely sorry she has had to withdraw from the tour and will be undable to join the London cast as previously announced.  We all fully support Nikki's position and very much look forward to working with her again in the future".

A new casting announcement regarding the London production will be made shortly.

Best wishes to Nikki, who we hope to see in the green again soon, as well as to Jemma Alexander and Ashleigh Gray!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wicked Munchkinland Tour (2NT) takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Check out this awesome video of the 2nd National Touring company of Wicked doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!  Thanks Joel Ingram for the link!

Christine Dwyer and Michael Wartella take on the Ice Bucket Challenge!

I only wish someone thought of Michael Wartella as Dorothy sooner!

Wicked UK/Ireland Tour Company takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge!