Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jessica Vosk and Kristen Martin to join WICKED Tour 9/7!

Jessica Vosk
Jessica Vosk will replace Emily Koch as Elphaba and Kristen Martin will replace Megan Masako Haley as Nessarose on the 2nd National Tour of Wicked after Koch plays her final performance as Elphaba on Sunday, September 4th, in Columbus, Ohio.  Vosk and Martin will open in South Bend, IN on 9/7.

Kristen Martin was in the Original Broadway Company of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Her other credits include The City Club, A Chorus Line, 42nd Street, Cats, A Comedy of Tenors, Footloose and Dames at Sea.

Jessica Vosk joins WICKED directly from the Broadway company of Fiddler on the Roof where she played Fruma-Sarah.  Other Broadway credits include the original Broadway casts of Finding Neverland and The Bridges of Madison County.

Monday, August 8, 2016

I'm Back!

Hey everyone!  It's been a few weeks since I've last posted due to things outside of my control.  I worked in an office this summer that works for Wicked, and since this website is not an official affiliate of Wicked the Musical, I was asked to not post until I finished my internship!  I finished up last week and thought I would fill everyone in on this summer!  I got to see the show a pretty nice number of times this summer, and I am so happy with the hands the Broadway company is currently in.

I'll talk about Rachel Tucker and Carrie St. Louis first.  Even though Rachel is no longer on Broadway, the West End is in for an enormous treat when she returns there because her performance as Elphaba is unreal.  She packs her Elphaba full of feisty energy and I absolutely love her.  The first two times I saw her (March) I thought she did a nice job and really liked her voice.  The third time in early June she gave a good performance and then after that she absolutely blew it away every single show that I saw from her.  I was able to attend her final performance on July 30th, and she elevated it even further.  Her Defying Gravity was growly and riffy, and her No Good Deed always blew me away.  Rachel is one of the people as Elphaba who manages to absolutely blow me away with 'The Wizard and I'.  Her belts at the end are so concentrated and full of energy, and I was always impressed, especially when she did her "things I've never felt" and "so happy I could melt" riffs.  

As for Carrie, I don't have enough positive things to say.  She is such a talented person, and she's such a sweet person too. She'll forever be one of my favorite people to talk to after the show.  Her performances are 110% every single night, and she really has found such incredibly deep and complex aspects of Glinda that very few other actresses have.  She's full of energy, she loves attention,  she's confident, she's sassy, she's funny, but she's also insecure, full of integrity and overall just a kindhearted person with deep emotional intelligence.  Carrie finds moments for every single one of those emotions to shine during the show.  She truly has a long long career ahead of her.  And I'm so excited to see where she goes.

As for the new people!  Jennifer DiNoia is killing it already.  I was at her first show back, as well as a few others that week and her consistency amazes me.  Jenny is a really special Elphaba to me, because I first saw her my freshman year of high school when she was the standby on Broadway.  The next time I saw her was on the 2nd Tour, my freshman year of college (twice).  And now we're here as I am going to be a senior.  She has done the show on and off but it's like she's been with the show as I've grown up and as so much has been happening throughout life.  And I love that.  Her signature is on the first signed playbill I ever got through the mail.  It's signed by the 2006 Chicago company (Kristy Cates/Stacie Morgain Lewis) and Jenny is listed as a Swing.  Just amazing.

Anyway, Jenny is amazing.  Her voice is so powerful.  Rachel Tucker's interpretation had been burned into my mind after *insert number here* performances of seeing her as Elphaba, and Jenny just continues to amaze.  It's amazing how different she and Rachel are in the role because they play her so differently.  Rachel's a little more edgy and angry, Jenny is much more vulnerable and soft, toughening up when she needs to.  Jenny's No Good Deed is sincerely stellar, one of the best from any Elphaba I have ever heard.  2/4 times I saw her in her first week she opted up on the "Fiyero" riff that she only occasionally does.  Her Defying Gravity also continues to amaze.  She really made that song her own between being a standby and becoming lead, and even though I saw her twice on the road where she was full time, it was so exciting to see her fully OWN the role on Broadway.  She sings "I'm Not That Girl" beautifully.  Between Rachel and Jenny, Rachel is slightly more polished vocally, Jenny has a much more edgy and raw voice, and I honestly can't say which one I prefer.  Also, Jenny is BEAUTIFUL in green.

Michael Campayno is also doing a really nice job as Fiyero.  He was audibly nervous his first night, his vocals very hushed.  But the moment he opened his mouth to sing, I knew he had a really cool sounding voice.  He does a really nice job with Fiyero's growing pains as well, evolving nicely into act two.  I really liked the contrast between Michael and Jenny, which I thought was oddly reflective of their positions in the show.  Jenny's Elphaba is cool and calm, very confident and mature.  Michael's Fiyero is young and unaware, slightly insecure, but coming into his own.  It was mirrored perfectly through their performances.

This show is beautiful.  And I am so thankful I got the chance to see it and connect with it on this level this summer, I was alone in NYC for two months which was a dream come true, but Oz feels like home.  And there's no place like home 💚

Friday, June 17, 2016

Alyssa Fox and Ginna Claire Mason are ROCK STARS.

Hello everyone, I have gotten to see the show twice so far in NYC this summer, 6/3 and 6/11 and I thought I would post a little review for everyone on the new performances.  On June 3rd, I saw Alyssa Fox and Carrie St. Louis go on together, and on June 11th I saw Rachel Tucker and Ginna Claire Mason together.  Each show led by a different set of witches!

6/10/16, Ginna Claire Mason and Rachel Tucker
First, the rest of the cast continues to remain solid.  Jonah and Zach just keep getting better and better as Fiyero and Boq, Dawn Cantwell's star continues to rise, and Kathy Fitzgerald is just as wonderful as Madame Morrible as she was the last time I saw her in 2014.  I am admittedly a little surprised that she is back after Judy Kaye only performed for about three months, but I love Kathy's performance.

Alyssa's Elphaba was wonderful.  Right off the bat, she had one of the best 'The Wizard and I' performances that I have seen recently.  I love Rachel Tucker, and her performance of the song, but
Alyssa's was much stronger and had a little more impact.  Rachel focuses on Elphaba's quieter moments much more, and Alyssa is a little more head on with the belting.  She embedded the end of the song with several incredible vocal runs and embellishments which I haven't heard since Christine Dwyer in 2011.  Her voice is very high, just a note.  She and Carrie St. Louis had obvious chemistry from touring together that still shines for them.  They meshed so very well together, and What Is This Feeling was a HOOT.  I loved it.  She and Carrie worked well off of each other during 'Popular' particularly during the toss toss bit, which was hilarious, and she performed a very beautiful rendition of  'I'm Not That Girl' though I think Rachel is a little stronger on that particular song.  Defying Gravity was exceptional, she threw in several riffs and vocal flips that I really appreciated hearing, and her voice soared.  Act 2 really showed her off.  From the Governer's Mansion scene, to the scene with the Wizard, she's very feisty and badass Elphie, and then her anguish fully sets in during No Good Deed for one of the most vocally solid performances of that song I have ever heard live.  Rachel's emotion wasn't quite matched, but the quality of Alyssa's voice was ridiculous.  It's so effortless and pure but the girl can wail.  And she nailed the ending like nobody's business.  For Good and the Finale just belong to Carrie, but Alyssa held her own despite Carrie's heartbreaking performance.  Overall, Alyssa Fox is an incredibly solid performer, and a really badass Elphaba.  I am so glad I got to see her go on and I hope that I get to see her go on at least once more this summer.

Ginna Claire Mason was also really wonderful as Glinda.  For me, she had even bigger shoes to fill than Alyssa, because Carrie St. Louis is such a force to be reckoned with in this role.  She conveys incredible emotion and vocal prowess and I wondered how Ginna would measure up (I was thrilled to pieces when I got to the theatre and saw she would be performing). Ginna's voice is gorgeous.  It sounds a lot younger and higher than Carrie's (most notably in her vibrato) but her soprano is effortless and really really pleasant to listen to.  She didn't take as many creative/comedic liberties with the role as Carrie does, but that's to be expected. One of Ginna's most notable moments was in Dancing Through Life, where her flirting and ditzy manner with Jonah did make me laugh out loud.  She was very funny in 'Popular' and exceeded my expectations of making that number her own.  She made some choices that were different from Carrie's, but also kept some things that work well.  The train station scene with Elphaba, Glinda and Fiyero was also very funny, and I felt bad that the audience was so dead (as is usual with a matinee). Her Thank Goodness also held up well compared to Carrie's, which was wonderful to see because Carrie's is packed full of emotion.  My favorite scene for Ginna was the witch fight/fallen house scene.  It was so hilarious, especially her wand spin.  The audience was not anywhere near as into it as they sometimes get, again #MATINEE but she was really hysterical.  For Good was also beautiful, and her voice was glorious during the Finale.

Both are also so wonderful to talk to after the show, I've posted my pictures with them below :)

Alyssa and I after I saw her
Alyssa and I making Miranda Sings faces.

Ginna and I after the matinee.  She's so cute and very personable!

Friday, May 20, 2016

BREAKING: Rachel Tucker and Suzie Mathers to headline Wicked UK's 10th Anniversary, Full Cast Announced.

Rachel Tucker and Suzie Mathers
Rachel Tucker, who will be departing the role of Elphaba in the Broadway production of Wicked on July 30, will not be leaving the green altogether.  Tucker will head back across the pond to play the role of Elphaba in London beginning September 5, 2016, just in time for the West End Production's 10th Anniversary.  Joining Tucker as G(a)linda will be fan favorite Suzie Mathers, who will join the West End production directly from the Australian cast.

In addition, Oliver Savile, Katie Rowley Jones, Mark Curry and Carina Gillespie will continue in the roles of Fiyero, Nessarose, The Wizard and s/b Elphaba respectively.  Joining the company will be Anita Dobson as Madame Morrible, original West End Cast member Martin Ball as Dr. Dillamond, Idriss Kargbo as Boq, and Alice Fearns as s/b Glinda.

Tucker will play the role of Elphaba through January 27th, 2017.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

BREAKING: Jennifer DiNoia to join Wicked on Broadway, 8/1!

DiNoia as Elphaba in the West End 

Jennifer DiNoia will replace Rachel Tucker as Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway beginning performances Monday, August 1.  

DiNoia most recently starred as Elphaba in the London and now-closed First National Touring companies of Wicked after a year long run as Elphaba on the U.S. 2nd National Tour.  Previously, she has appeared as the Elphaba alternate in the Melbourne and North Korean companies of Wicked as well as serving as the standby for Elphaba in the Chicago and Broadway companies of Wicked for over three years.  DiNoia began her Wicked journey in 2006 in the now-closed Chicago company as a swing and understudy for Elphaba and Nessarose.  As of her start date, DiNoia will have performed in Wicked on and off (but mostly on) for a whole decade.  CONGRATULATIONS Jenny!  So well deserved!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

REVIEW: Wicked on Broadway, 3/9/2016 m, 3/10/2016 e, and Behind the Emerald Curtain!

The view for Wednesday's matinee!
After three years I finally got to return to the Gershwin to see Wicked on Broadway!  The last time I saw the show in NYC was in February 2013 with Donna Vivino as Elphaba and Alli Mauzey as Glinda.  Since then I have been able to see it on the road six times (both tours) and in London once, but there will always be something special about returning to see the show in New York.  I am so happy that I got to come back and see it when I did.  From a personal standpoint, a lot of very prominent life events have happened since the last time I saw the show on Broadway and yet the show was still there and I think that's so cool.

On Saturday March 5th, I got to do Behind the Emerald Curtain again for the first time in six years.  Once you have done it once, you've done it.  It doesn't change much.  However, it was still cool to get to see costumes up close, sit in the Gershwin before a show, and hear about the show from the perspectives of two totally different cast members (Jerad Bortz and Heather Spore) from the first time that I took the tour!

Wednesday Afternoon
Thursday Evening
 As for the show itself, I went for the first time on Wednesday, March 9th for the matinee.  The full cast was in, with the exception of Spencer Jones being on for Chistery.  The ensemble remains very strong and motivated.  Especially sitting up close, it's easy to see their facial expressions, hear individual harmonies, and even make eye contact with certain people (I'm looking at you Daniel Quadrino.  Literally).  Lindsay Northen, Jerad Bortz, Heather Spore, Ioana Alfonso, Kathy Santen, and Larkin Bogan have all been doing this show for a very long time, and each of them were 100% in the moment with their faces and reactions.  Larkin, Lindsay, Daniel, Hannah Shankman, Curt Hansen and Dan Gleason really stood out in particular to me.  Dancing was obviously on point(e) and Casey Quinn is always a standout.

The orchestra was good.  They were not quite as loud as usual, nor were they as dynamic as the orchestra always is on tour which was a little disappointing but they still did a very nice job.

The principal cast was awesome this time around.

Rachel Tucker as Elphaba
Carrie St. Louis as Glinda
Jonah Platt as Fiyero
Peter Scolari as The Wizard
Judy Kaye as Madame Morrible
Dawn Cantwell as Nessarose
Zach Piser as Boq
Michael Genet as Dr. Dillamond

Michael Genet was the first Dr. Dillamond in a long time that I have genuinely really really liked.  Not to say I've ever seen a bad one, but Dillamond is a fairly dry role in a lot of respects, though very important and heartbreaking, certainly the most dry in the show.  His voice is really really nice, and he was a solid actor and he emoted well through the mask. He has a deep booming voice and he is very tall which makes it all the more sad when he is taken away from Shiz because he is a powerful being.

Dawn Cantwell
Dawn Cantwell was a solid Nessarose.  Nessarose is not a vocal beast, and I feel that Dawn has more of a voice than the role requires.  However as an actress she nailed every aspect of it.  I never noticed Nessarose wheeling herself off the stage during Dancing Through Life when Elphaba enters wearing the hat.  Dawn's Nessarose is very much embarrassed of Elphaba, evidenced by mannerisms and facial expressions.  She tolerates her and speaks to her when no one is around or when she needs soemthing, but overall seems to seek greener (PUN) pastures.  I really liked her Governor's Mansion scene with Zach and Rachel, she was so rude.  And she sounded very nice singing WWOTE.
Zach Pi
Zach Piser was a wonderful and very adorably believable Boq.  I really liked his chemistry with Carrie and Dawn.  He also seemed like a stunted individual.  One who would be cool if he was just a little more grown up or had just a little more opportunity.  He was a really really well-sung Boq, he has a GREAT voice, and one he could do more with in another role down the road.  He also did a very nice job in the Gov's mansion scene with Dawn and Rachel, even though on Thursday night he hardcore tripped over the Grimmerie running away from her and all three of them looked like they were fighting back laughter. 
Peter Scolari did a nice job as the Wizard, though I wouldn't put him at the top of my list.  He has a nice voice, and is a capable actor.  He overacted parts and he underacted parts.  In the first scene with Elphaba and Glinda in his palace, he came out from behind the head and said "I hope I didn't startle you," and then looked at the head and screamed as though he himself was startled.  While I did appreciate what he was trying to do, it totally failed to land with the audience, as did his 'which is which' line (followed by a long drawn out breathless gasp of laughter).  His 'Sentimental Man' performance was good as was 'Wonderful'.  His best work was in Act 2 with Judy Kaye and Carrie after Elphaba runs off with Fiyero.  I was underwhelmed with his final scene with Carrie, however, when he realizes that he is Elphaba's father.  There was little to no emotion on his face or in his voice, and he didn't seem broken at all when Glinda told him to leave.  I liked him, I wouldn't say I loooooved him like I have others.

Judy Kaye was an AWESOME Madame Morrible.  I don't know how anyone will ever compare to Alison Fraser, because she was absolutely revolutionary in a 10 year old role.  However Judy's strengths were in her facial expressions (very subtle) and her speech at the beginning of Defying Gravity was absolutely phenomenal.  I actually very much appreciated her solo at the beginning of 'The Wizard and I'.  On the cast recording, imitated by many, Carole Shelley phrases her line "Why I predict the wizard could make you his, magic, grand vizer!" as though those are two separate thoughts.  His, and then magic/grand vizer as two exclamations.  And with a subtle shift in phrasing by Judy, "the wizard could make you his magic grand vizer!" It became clear that magic grand vizer is a title.  She stumbled over a line on Thursday ('Oh won't they make excellent spies' became 'Oh think of...what excellent spies they'll make!') and I could see a look of brief confusion on Rachel's face.  I very much liked her act two, especially her "Perhaps a change in the weather!" scene, and her scene at the end with Carrie was phenomenal.

Jonah Platt
Jonah Platt was awesome as Fiyero, better than I expected.  I had heard some questionable reviews regarding his singing and was very happy that he did a nice job vocally.  He tried a vocal flip in Dancing Through Life that didn't quite land but other than that, completely smooth sailing.  His voice is pretty and smooth, he looks the part, and he dances with confidence and precision.  His act two was even better, he still struggled with traces of immaturity but he had grown so much and you could see it in his performance.  I loved his scene off to the side with Carrie St. Louis during Thank Goodness, and I thought As Long As You're Mine was one of the best I have ever seen.  His and Rachel's exit at the end was very touching. 

Carrie St. Louis NAILED IT as Glinda in every single respect you could imagine.  I am very loyal to
Carrie St. Louis
Amanda Jane Cooper and Alli Mauzey, but Carrie is right up there at the top with them.  She did everything right. Her voice is beautiful.  Her No One Mourns the Wicked was gorgeous, and I liked that she incorporated a lot more chest/belt than most people playing Glinda do. Her facial expressions after she explained Elphaba's birth and the citizens still didn't get it were tragic, she looked so lost and saddened. She was hysterical in the Dear Old Shiz scene, and again in What Is This Feeling.  Glinda's little scene with Fiyero in Dancing Through Life always kills me, and Carrie managed to still make it funny after 25 times.  I LOVED her Popular, it was hilarious, especially when she said "Fiyero and I are going to be married!" she jumped up and ran over to Elphaba's bed and screamed "GUUUUURL!" and that was absolutely hysterical.  Glinda always wins my heart over during the train station scene with Elphaba expressing heartache over Fiyero.  She is so entitled and spoiled and we know that, but it shows that she has feelings and heartache just like everyone else, and Carrie was so precious both times.  Carrie's Thank Goodness was the best I have ever scene or heard.  Again, beltier than usual, but even beyond that there was so much EMOTION.  She looked like she was on the edge of tears and losing her composure the whole time and it was heartbreaking.  Her scene with Elphaba, Fiyero and the Wizard was wonderfully done, again an emotional punch to the heart, and Rachel acted off of that very well.  Gorgeous voice singing 'I'm Not That Girl (Reprise)'.  She also killed the witch fight scene.  SO good.  I love her lower range.  Rachel and Carrie's For Good was perhaps the best I have seen since Jennifer DiNoia and Hayley Podschun.  And I have no words for the Finale.  She was in tears, looked so confused, lost and hurt, and sang it absolutely beautifully.  Carrie St. Louis is heartbreakingly touching as Glinda, not one to miss.

Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker was incredible as Elphaba.  At Wednesday's matinee, she had a vocal issue in 'The Wizard and I' during the bridge.  Her voice cracked, carrying her way off the note, and she struggled to get back on track, having to speak until 'someday they'll be'.  After that she completely nailed it, even making up for it with her 'feeling things I've never felt' riff that she occasionally does.  What I liked about Rachel and Carrie together was they seem to be two actresses that break a lot of the stereotypical vocal molds.  While Carrie had many non-traditionally belty moments, Rachel allowed herself to be hushed and quiet when the role didn't require her to let loose and wail. What Is This Feeling was more dominated by Carrie, and Rachel didn't play up her comic moments as much (this also happened with Gina Beck in 2014, British actors/actresses seem to have a more downplayed sense of humor) but she did do a nice job with the lines at the beginning and the 'boo!' and cackle at the end.  She got very passionate in the Dillamond scene, immediately getting angry with Galinda over the name issue, and the following scene with just her and Dillamond was very soft and compassionate.  Her Dancing Through Life attitude was nice, a little softer than most Elphabas.  She still thought Fiyero was ridiculous but when Galinda gave her the hat, she smiled and looked up as though she thought things might be getting better, and then again at the end of the song she looked so wildly happy.  Rachel and Carrie made me realize how much I love the Glinda/Elphaba dance.  She did a beautiful I'm Not That Girl, following
Rachel Tucker
a very intimate and level-headed lion cub scene with Jonah, where they both got to flex their dramatic muscles a bit.  Her 'God has no powers' face and actions were marvelous, and her Defying Gravity was incredible.  She's loud and passionate and growls quite a lot.  The lift got stuck on Thursday night about 5 feet up and then kept rising.  Her act 2 was even stronger, I loved her Governer's mansion scene, and her scene with the Wizard, Fiyero and Glinda.  When Fiyero was trying to get her to leave with him, she kept reaching out to Carrie and shaking her head, with a very desperate look on her face.  She clearly wanted him but also cared a lot about Glinda's feelings and didn't want to hurt her.  The witch fight scene was exceptional, the audience on Wednesday was REALLY into it, and every time Fiyero came up, the audience would 'oooooh' and I could see Rachel feeding off of that energy.  No Good Deed was absolutely the best I have ever heard live maybe with the exception of Donna Vivino (who still takes the title of my favorite!).  She nailed that song, and I loved her final scene with Glinda, and the Finale killed me.  She and Carrie harmonize so well together.

Stage Door:

I didn't take many pictures for some reason, but here are my favorites of the ones I DID get!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Week in Review: Alyssa Fox to join Wicked on Broadway, Aaron Tveit is Popular!

Alyssa Fox will join the Broadway company of Wicked on 2/2, joining previously announced new stars Judy Kaye, Carrie St. Louis, who recently starred as Glinda opposite Fox's Elphaba on the road, and more.  Fox will serve as the Elphaba standby in the Broadway company, as Rachel Tucker will continue to play Elphaba.  Fox joins Wicked on Broadway directly from the Munchkinland Touring Company of the show where she starred as Elphaba after previously serving as the standby for over two years.  Fox made her Wicked debut in the San Francisco company of Wicked in 2010, where she appeared in the ensemble and understudied the role of Elphaba.  Wicked marks Fox's Broadway debut.

Also making headlines is the newest #OutOfOz series video, this time starring former Fiyero (and the star of Grease Live!) Aaron Tveit, singing Galinda's showstopping number 'Popular!'

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Carrie St. Louis, Judy Kaye, Peter Scolari and More Will Join Wicked on Broadway!

Wicked on Broadway will be getting some fresh faces just in time for Valentine's Day!  Beginning 2/2, Carrie St. Louis will assume the role of Glinda and Peter Scolari will step into the role of the Wizard at the Gershwin Theatre, with Kathy Fitzgerald temporarily returning to the role of Madame Morrible from 2/2 until Tony Award winner Judy Kaye joins the company on 2/16.

Joining them will be Dawn Cantwell as Nessarose, Michael Genet as Dr. Dillamond, and Zachary Piser as Boq.  They replace Arielle Jacobs, Timothy Britten Parker and Robin De Jesus respectively.

St. Louis most recently starred in the National Touring company of Wicked as Glinda, after making her Broadway debut as Sherrie in Rock of Ages.  Judy Kaye is a two-time Tony Award winner for Phantom and Nice Work If You Can Get It.  Scolari was last seen on Broadway in Bronx Bombers.

Congratulations to all of these wonderful performers, and if you love the current principles, get down to the Gershwin before 1/31 before all but two of them leave!