Monday, June 18, 2007

My First three Wicked Experiences

January 26th, 2005 NYC

We arrived at the Gershwin Theatre at about 7:30 pm, and we sat down in our seats which were pretty good.The witches were Shoshana Bean and Jennifer Laura Thompson. When the lights went down, and the "big voice" came on over the theatre, and announced that "at this performance the role of the Witch's mother would be played by Kristen Leigh Gorski, and Shanna Van Derwerker would be joining the company." The music came on and the show was fabulous. I had heard the CD, and Sho's "The Wizard and I" was even better than Idina's! (Idina is still amazing) "Defying Gravity" was so amazing. Jennifer Laura Thompson...Very well done. She stuck to the score, and she did not riff at all, yet there was something that made it seem as though she was not sticking to the score at all. She made the role her own, and yet, she did not have to riff to do it. Shoshana... POWERHOUSE! Completley amazing, did better than Idina (Idina is still amazing). her ending note in Defying Gravity was soooo POWERFUL!

Megan Hilty was the s/b for Glinda

after the show:I did not know that you could meet the actors after the show, so we went out for pizza.

July 17, 2005 Chicago

We went to border's books before the show, and we arrived at the Oriental Theatre around 7:45. We opened the Playbills to find out we would be seeing Ana Gasteyer and Kate Reinders. Kate's Popular was amazing, and Ana's "Defying Gravity" was Phenomenal. Kristy Cates was the Elphaba Standby. Kate had a very good soprano, and did a very good job. Has a very good voice, though she definitely improved in NYC. Ana did a very nice job. No, she does not riff. She made up for it, with her clear voice, and amazingly powerful vocals. Defying Gravity was great, and her ending note was really spectacular. She only kept that ending for a while, then did more of the regular ending like Idina, and on Broadway, her ending was Kind of like a Saycon Sengbloh ending... Principals can learn from their standbys!
after the show:

Still had no Idea that you could meet the actors, so we went back to the Hotel

October 21, 2006 Toronto

We arrived at the Canon Theatre at about 7:30. We sat down, and because this was in Canada, it was called a Programme instead of a Playbill. We were seeing Shoshana Bean (again!) and Megan Hilty. The show was fabulous. The best I had ever seen it performed. Megan was awesome, and Sho was even better than NYC! Victoria Matlock was the Elphaba Standby. Shoshana did a very nice job. Still has a lot of energy, which went toward her totally cool riffs. She is THE RIFFING QUEEN! No one (no Eden Fans, not even Espinosa, THE Espinosa, although she is one of my faves.) can beat Sho's riffs. AMAZING! Megan Hilty... what can I say... PERFECT. That would be the word. She has a very powerful voice, and at the end of No One Mourns the Wicked, and Thank Goodness, she hit the Hilty High Note! Had a very good Popular, (later I Would find out that NONE can beat Ms. Katie Rose Clarke) and put perfect energy into everything!

after the show:

We went to the stage door, I got to talk to a girl who had seen the show 6 times! She was very nice. And we were there for while, but then finally, inside the theatre door, I saw P.J. Benjamin (The Wizard) He came out and signed my Programme. After about five more minutes Megan Hilty came out and she signed My programme, and I got a picture with her! Next was Alma Cuervo (Morrible) She signed My programme, and next out was Cliffton Hall (Fiyero) He signed My programme, and the girls next to me went crazy. They asked to borrow my pen, and I let them. and for the grand finale...Shoshana Bean came out!She signed my programme in silver! I also got a picture with her. Then, finally, we went back to the hotel. I was really upset when I found out that Victoria Matlock was sitting right behind me, and I did not Meet her!

 Me at the Stage Door
 Me and my brother meeting P.J. Benjamin
 Megan Hilty
 Megan signing
 Me and Megan
 Us meeting Alma
Us with Shoshana Bean!

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