Friday, July 6, 2007

Wicked Columbus, Stage Door, 6/30/07, show 7/1/07 m

June 30, 2007 Columbus

I did not see the show that night, but I went to the stage door, because sometimes, the actors do not come out after the matinee (which I would be seeing the next day) so I went to the door, and the show was not over yet, so we waited. After the show ended, a bunch of people came out and there was two girls who needed a marker, so I gave one to them. (One of their Names was Britney I think?) But they were really excited, and I was asking them what understudies were on that night, and they told me. I met several Members of the Ensemble, including, Lori Holmes, Jennifer Balagna, Laura Woyasz, Adam Sanford, Kyle Hill, and many, many, many more. Elphaba was played by Coleen Sexton that Night, so We met her!! I also met Christina DeCicco (Glinda) Marcie Dodd (Nessarose, she is an understudy who performed that night) P.J. Benjamin (The Wizard) Barbara Tirrell (Madame Morrible) Kyle McDaniel (Fiyero) Tom Flynn (Dillamond.) We missed Brad Weinstock (Boq), as He had left, and nobody had recognized him.:( Everyone was very nice. First out was Tom Flynn (Doctor Dillamond). I thanked Him for the letter, the Playbill, and the Signed photo in the mail, and he looked up at me and smiled. Then I asked him what the Dillamond Mask was like every night, and he replied "well it's made of foam, and a lot of other things, and it is really hot inside." Then, a few ensemble members came out, and I talked to them about the show... I talked to Marcie Dodd (Nessarose) and told her she was great. She was nice. She Signed my program, and Laura Woyasz said a friendly "hello" and signed my program, and told me who she played (ensemble u/s Glinda) P.J. Benjamin (the Wizard) was out next, and I said "You were the Wizard Right?" and he said "Yes. On good days i am the Wizard" LOL! I told him that I saw him in Toronto, and he was like "Really?'. I talked to Lori Holmes, and i had a small conversation with her, before she left. I talked to Christina DeCicco (by the way, her last name is pronounced Dee-Cheek-oh) I gave her a poster that I drew of her as Glinda, and A mini poster I did, and a letter, and she said that the letter and mini-poster would go in her "stage door gifts" book with their own page! I asked her if Victoria Matlock was going to be O.K. and she replied "she's coming back next week." She was sooooo nice. She had a smile on the whole time. Barbara Tirrell was out next, and I exclaimed out loud "oh!" and she got really excited, because she said that that was the first time anyone had exclaimed like that. I thanked her for the signed stuff she sent me in the mail. Coleen Sexton Was very nice. She hurried along, and signed people's stuff, and she stopped to talk to me about a fan letter I sent her, I asked her "Did you get a leter from me*? She was like "yes! It's upstairs in my room!" and I also asked her if Fiyero was going to come out. She replied "He's usually the last one out. Then Kyle Came out, and walked up to us, and I told him he was great, and I said: "Tomorrow is your last show, right?" And he said "Yeah! You're really smart!" I said "I check your website a lot.". When we left, Coleen was walking with her parents in the same direction as us, so I called back "great job!" and she was like "thank you very much!"

July 1st 2007 Columbus

O.k. The Show was amazing! Coleen was great!! Christina DeCicco was sooooooo funny! Kyle Dean Massey was on for the first time as Fiyero, and he did great! Lori Holmes was on As Nessarose, and Amy Michelle Allen was on as the Witch's mother. They both did a great job!! Well, I usually name the Standbys, but since there were technically none, as The Standby was ON haha, in this case Marcie Dodd was the "cover."Coleen's vocals were outstanding. She hit every note perfectly in "Defying Gravity", and in "The Wizard and I", she belted out really well, and her voice mixed extremely well with Kyle Dean Massey for "As Long as You're Mine". Christina DeCicco, was perfectly amazing, though she did not hit the high note (made famous by the incredible Megan Hilty and Kristin Chenoweth)that performance. Oh well, she was still great. Her "Popular" made me laugh so hard, my stomach hurt. She was jumping around, and gasping for breath, but It all blended in. I'm sad she's gone! The catfight was PERFECT! Really well done On Christina and Coleen's part.

after the show...

We basically did the same thing as the night before. Only a few different people were on. We met everybody again, and they were super nice. I got a program signed both nights. The only difference was, Morrible did not come out :( But we met her the night before, so it did not kill me, but it would have been nice to meet her again! I got to have a few conversations with everyone again as well... Lori Holmes came out again, and I talked to her about Cliffton and DeeDee Magno Hall, and she told me they were married, and traveled around with their one year old Son Kaeden. I noticed that she Still had her Nessarose Eyeliner on. She was so nice! I talked to Kyle Dean Massey, and Asked him if it was his first time as Fiyero, and he said "yeah it was. It was really great!" I talked to Christina DeCicco about my Seats, and she asked me "did you have good ones?" And she also thanked me for coming back to say hi to her again. Paul Slade Smith Came out (he was the Witch's father) and He asked us if we liked the show. Coleen was very Nice. She answered my question about the dressing room. I asked if she had her own, or if she used Victoria's, and she Replied "Victoria's" She was smiling, and signing people's stuff. She is very nice in person. After we met Coleen, and a few other Ensemble members, we left...

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