Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wicked Cleveland, 3/1/08e

CLEVELAND, 7:00 pm

We were in the State Theatre, and the doors were not open yet, and there was a Broadway store right next door in the theatre. So I went in there and talked to two people who were seeing the show. I bought a Magnet, and A poster for everyone to sign after the show.


Carmen Cusack is by far the best Elphaba I have seen so far. She was extremely powerful when she was singing, and her acting was INCREDIBLE! In the Catfight, when Katie Slapped her, her hat fell off!! At the End of "As Long as You're Mine, she deepened her voice, when she says "WICKED" so it sounded really funny. Katie Rose Clarke was Hilarious. She was awesome throghout the whole show!! She was super funny, and she sang and acted well! In the Catfight Scene, her wand spin was the best I have ever seen! It lasted about 20 seconds, and She spun it really fast . Occasinally, you could hear Katie's Texas Accent :)
Brad Weinstock was even better than when I saw him in Columbus! (Yes, he was great there too!) He did a really nice job! In the Classroom scene when Elphaba casts a spell over the class, Brad's Hat fell off when he was dancing! He was also really nice at the Stage Door, and I am so glad I got to meet him!!! Cliffton Hall as Fiyero was phenomenal. He hit all the right notes in the songs, and his acting has greatly improved since Toronto. (It was great then too:) ) Deedee Magno Hall...What Can I say. Amazing. Best Nessarose I've ever seen (well, there is a bit of competition between her and Lori Holmes) so hard for me to decide. Anyway, I was amazed at how well she could hit those notes SITTING DOWN!Tom Flynn- Great, amazing acting and great singing, improvement from Columbus (he was great there as well)Alma Cuervo- AMAZING. Perfectly Evil, so nice @ the Stage door, wonderful singer and actor... that's all I can say.
Lee Wilkof- Amazing Wizard, great job. Did perfectly with solos, and acting, and he was just great.
Donna Vivino was obviously the Elphaba Standby...
The Whole Cast was Amazing. That was the Most Amazing Defying Gravity I have ever heard.


We Missed Curtain Call, so we could run back to the Stage Door, to Meet the cast, and Get the Backstage Tour from Donna Vivino, and Brad Weinstock. We waited like 20 seconds, and then Ryan Rose Came out, and signed my poster. Then Meggie Cansler, and Jennifer Balagna came out and They signed my poster. I asked Meggie Cansler if she had been on Broadway and she was like "Yeah!" And I said "Do You Know Briana-" "Yacavone, yeah I do! " I said "She's Awesome" and she said "Yes, I know, I took over her track..." I asked them if Donna Vivino was here, and they said that they thought that she left. Then A couple more People Came out (Kyle Dean Massey, Andrew Madsen, Spencer Jones Bryan West) And signed my poster. I said "Hi Kyle! I saw you in Colubus as Fiyero on July 1st, and he said" Yeah. I sprained my ankle that night! I was out of the show for 10 days!" Then Merideth Clark came out, and I told her my name, and we talked, and she remembered my emails. I said "Hi Merideth I'm Kyle!" And she said "Oh! that's right we spoke through email! How are you?" Then Nova Bergeron came out, and we talked a little bit. Everyone thought that I was "genius" because I knew who everyone was! The Brad Came out and I said "Hi Brad I'm (my name). He said "Yes! I saw you in the audience tonight." I said "You were awesome tonight, better than Columbus!" Then he looked up, and I laughed and said "Yes, you were awesome in Columbus too." He said "Oh good." and laughed. Then we went backstage, and He got Cliffton and Deedee Magno Hall to come down from their dressing rooms, and I got to chat with them a bit, and Got a picture. Then Carmen Cusack Came out of her dressing room, and I gave her the "Elphabook" that I made for her. She kept saying "This is so Beautiful! Here K...., Give me a hug!" Then She signed my "Grimmerie" on the pic of the Catfight scene, where I replace Idina and Kristin's Head with Carmen and Katie's. She found it so funny! Then Brad Weinstock Took me to the backstage Area, and I got to see the lift that Elphaba flies in, the Bubble, and THE HAT OF ELPHABA, AND THE WAND OF GLINDA! There was also a Pic. of Christina DeCicco, signed backstage. We Ran Into Alma Cuervo (Morrible) and she signed my poster. We talked about Morrible, and Carole Shelley :) I gave her the poster that I drew of her, and she was like "Oh my gosh! Is that for me?" We Missed Katie Clarke!!!!! But Brad was really nice!! And he told me that He would give Katie her poster, and Donna her calendar. More to come on this post...... I am never going to forget how kind Brad was... He is my fave. Boq ever, and I'm gonna be really sad when he leaves :( I also got to talk to Donna on the phone whcich was AMAZING...

Me And CARMEN CUSACK!!!!! (Elphaba) She is Holding the Book I made her (Elphabook)

Me Cliffton Hall, and Deedee Magno Hall (Backstage!)

Me and Brad Weinstock (Boq)

Me and Lori Holmes (Witch's Mother, Nessarose u/s)

Me and Christopher Russo (Witch's Father, Ozian Official Dillamond u/s)

Me and Lee Wilkof (The Wizard)

Me and Meredith Kaye Clark (Elphaba u/s)

Me and Tom Flynn (Dillamond)


Anna said...

I was googling for Carmen Cusack, and your site came up! I just saw her in the tour in Cleveland, she is fantastic! She seems pretty nice too. I wish she would be Elphaba on Broadway!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was you. XD

SJH Buffalo said...

I don't know if Carmen Cusack reads her fan sites but I would like to say she is a phenomenal singer. I don't think I could see Wicked with someone else playing Elphaba, she is amazing! The whole thing just blew me away.
Sorry, have to be anon. because I don't have an account.

vdoyle said...

I agree that Carmen is an absolutely phenomenal Elphie. I saw her first as the standby in Chicago and then on the national tour in April. She is the best; and that includes Idina (sorry Idina groupies). I have seen Wicked 6 times in total and have tickets to the 7th. I wish it could be Carmen all the time, but each Elphie really brings her own special qualities to the role.

Amy said...

I saw Carmen twice in Michigan and she was phenomenal! She really grasped the part and made it her own. Does anyone know how to get an autograph from her, like from the fan club or whatever? I would love to get one, thanks!

Amber Sargent said...

omg! i saw carmen in buffallo 4 my b-day, and i don't have words to describe her. she is bsolutely phenominal and ahmaaze-ing!!! i wish i was you! you are so darn lucky. when carmen came out 4 the first time during "dear old shiz" i cheared her on. i was crying at the end. when i grow up i am going to be elphie... i hope! She is an awesome singer. hey, i'm an idina fan!

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous, but I am Carmen's friend from high school in Texas. She was always as talented as she is now. It is NATURAL. She is the best!!