Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Apparently, there is some confusion on the Julie/Brandi Thing. I went back to my source of information which told me that Julie and Brandi are Not 100% confirmed to replace. However... Lisa Brescia is Due to replace in Chicago, although that is unconfirmed. Please hang with me as I figure out what is happening and what is not. Also, Even if Lisa replaces in Chicago, the source I go to for information tells me that Dee Roscioli will be returning to the Role of Elphaba in Agust in Chicago. I will update you soon with the facts. Also, my source tells me that Kristoffer Cusick is NOT 100 % confirmed to return to Chicago. I am in no way responsible for the Mistakes made. The source I have used for some of my cast information tells me 1 thing (sometimes) and then Changes it to another thing. HOWEVER MOST OF THE INFORMATION FROM THIS SOURCE IS ACCURATE. They are very accurate almost 100% of the time, there has just been some mistake that I will figure out what happened. Keep checking back for more news. Thank You.

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Anonymous said...

It is 100% confirmed that Lisa will replace Dee (confirmed by Lisa) and 100% confirmed that Dee is coming back in August and closing out the show (confirmed by Dee).