Monday, July 14, 2008

Wicked Buffalo, 7/12/08m

July 12, 2008 12:00 a.m. Buffalo, NY

Before the show:We found the Theatre, and ran to the Stage Door, to wait for the cast To come in. I had a poster I was going to get signed, and My friend Andrew did not bring anything, but was planning on getting pictures with the cast... Well, He did not feel well, so after about 30 minutes of waiting, he went into Shea's Performing arts Center's Intermission Lounge. And about 2 minutes after that, Phillip Dean Lightstone came down, and Signed my poster. After anither 10 minutes, Joe Dulude II (the Makeup designer) came down, and he signed my poster and Grimmerie, and we talked for about Ten Minutes. He went in, and about 5 minutes later, Terra Lynn Arrington came down, and signed my poster, and she remembered me from Columbus (Amazing Memory!). Then Lori Holmes, Lauren Masiello (Witch's Mother) and Paul Slade Smith (Witch's Father) came and signed my poster... Lauren was amazed that I recognized her immediatley, And Lori remembered me! Paul was awesome too! Then I met Myra Lucretia Taylor (the Next Madame Morrible) and she told me she would look for me in the Future shows. we talked for a LONG time, and she was so nice! Then Alma Cuervo and Meggie Cansler Came, and I recognized both of them immediatley. I talked to them, and Alma said, Oh Yeah! Meggie's on as Glinda Today! So I had her sign my Grimmerie on the Pic that Carmen signed back in Cleveland. Alma signed my poster, and went in (She was SO AWESOME!) And I got A picture with Meggie. Meggie also remembered me!!! we waited like 30 mre seconds, and then Alma popped her Head out of the Stage Door and She said "Were you the one who did that Morrible Drawing for me in Cleveland?" I said "yes!!" and She said"Yes! I remember you! You just look so Different every time I see you! The Poster is hanging up over my dressing table!" Then Spencer Jones, Ryan Patrick Kelly, Adam Sanford, and Mark Shunkey (Chistery) came over and signed my poster, and I told Spencer that I saw him perform as Chistery in Cleveland, and HE REMEMBERED ME TOO!! I told Ryan that he was on the website in LA, NYC, and on Tour, he said "Yeah! They Need to Update.... Wait, I remember you! I was talking to you backstage in Cleveland!" Then I met Karla Puno Garcia, and I started talking to her, and she remembered me! Then, is when I met Mitchell who was also getting Signatures (He left a few Comments in the C-Box) Then we met Andrew Madsen...... I also Met Lee Wilkof, and He was very nice! I talked to Merideth Clark again, and She told me she remembered me! Then we met David Hull!! Yay! I had never met him Before! Then Christopher Russo came, and I talked to him, and Told him that I saw him as Dr. Dillamond in Toronto, and the Witch's Father in Cleveland. And he went in and popped his head Back out after he checked who was performing, and said "yes, Carmen will be on today!" (I had asked him) Thern I met Betsy Werbel and Kristine Reese, and Tom Flynn, Bryan West, and Blake Whyte AND Melissa Bohon. Tom, and Bryan remembered me, and the other 4 I had never met, but I chatted with them for a while! Then, I was facing the other way, and I heard, "Hey Kyle! How are you?" I turned around... Bum Bum Bum IT WAS BRAD!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY! lol. We talked for like 10 minutes, and he signed my poster and Grimmerie. Then He said "I have to go, but I'll see you after!" Then I met Carmen Cusack (Again) !!!!!! I talked to her about how amazing she was (lol) and Dee Roscioli. She remembered me from Cleveland :) I got a picture with her... Then Deedee Magno Hall came down, and I talked to her, and I got a Hug.... Then Cliffton came down. I chatted with him and then he went in, and I waited for Donna Vivino, but she did not get there yet, so I ran to the Stage Door, and Talked to Ryan Rose, (who I had met earlier) and I said Ryan, can you give a message to Donna Vivino......?" Then we went into the theatre to see....

The Show:
Was incredible.
Carmen Cusack's Defying Gravity blew me away as did her "Wizard and I" and "No Good Deed". She will never cease to amaze me. Meggie Cansler as Glinda- Amazing. She did a phenomenal Job. She was really funny, and she was just totally awesome.
Cliffton- Incredible as usual. Did perfectly with everything.
Lee as the Wizard- Awesome. Did perfectly with solos, and He is just the best Wizard I have seen. Alma Cuervo was really amazing. Awesome energy, great singing, and Perfect Job! its a shame she left the next day. Deedee was awesome, amazingly powerful voice. She could play Elphaba someday!Brad was INCREDIBLE!! Awesome job, He was just awesome... Tom was, As Usual, just fantastic! really nice voice!
After the Show-

We went Back to the Stage Door, and We met everyone again...I met Donna Vivino!!!!!!!! She was so incredibly awesome!! She was so nice to come down to meet me!!! Andrew also got to talk to her! I was just so thrilled to meet her!Meggie came out pretty Quickly. She came directly to me, and said "How did I do?" I said: You were AMAZING. She looked like A Child who did not expect to get any presents at Christmastime...

she said "Oh My Gosh, that is so Sweet, Thank You!" Then She signed my Souvenir Program, and Sad "By the way, thank you for all of your support, also thanks for knowing us all by name, It means alot!" Then I gave her a little Glinda Statue That I originally intended for Katie, but she was not there, so I gave it to Meggie, who I felt deserved it after such an awesome performance... She and Katie are my FAVORITE Glinda's! (Everyone else blows the roof off too :) Then Ryan Patrick Kelly came out, and I talked to him a bit more. I met most of the ensemble again, and Lee came out, and asked me where I live, and I tld him. Brad came out, and I told him he was amazing, and he said "Thanks!" He signed the program, and Alma cam out, and signed, and I got a picture with her, and she kept thnking me for the Morrible drawing. Then, Cliffton Hall came out with Deedee, and they are so friendly, they remembered me obviously, they are just really awesome people! I also met their son Kaeden! Kaeden is AWESOME! lol. Tom came out, and signed, and Carmen came out, and right when she did,it starded raining. Now, the stage door at this theatre, was: The entrance to the theatre is on the street, and then to the right, there is a little "cutout", with Tables, and the door is there, and then ther is a little door a bit to the right of the Stage door, for actors who come out, but don't want to sign anything... and it is elevated, and it is separated by a rail from the Stage door, it is a completley diff. exit. Carmen came out of that one, not because she did not want to sign, but because it was raining, and my friend Andrew was standing there, so when she came out, he was like, Kyle! Carmen's up here! so I went up as quietly as possible, but everyone saw me, and Carmen was SURROUNDED! but she was so nice, and Loved the Poster I gave her with my drawing of her as Elphaba. She signed my program, (once on the outsde, and once on a page on the inside) and after that we left, but all the actors REMEMBERED ME, I love the Touring cast, they are AMAZING people, and they are so talented! And they are so NICE! It's pretty awesome that whenever I see them, they are all like "Oh hey Kyle!" completely casually :)

Me and Alma Cuervo

Me and Brad

Me and Donna Vivino

Me and Carmen Cusack

Me and Meggie Cansler

Stage Door Sign


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Sour Kangaroo said...

oh my gosh, you are SO lucky!!! I just saw the National Tour cast in Lansing and LOVED them. Espically Carmen!! You don't happen to know a adress I can write her a fan letter to, do you?