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Wicked Pre Matinee Stage Door 2/8/09, and performance 2/10/09 e

1:00 pm, Gershwin Theatre Stage Door, NYC, February 8, 2009.
I did not see the show this day, but I went to the Stage Door, to meet the cast coming in. The First one to enter was Jayne Houdyshell... She came in, and I said "Hey Jayne!" (I had seen her in a restaurant the night before, and said Hi!) And she signed my poster... She went in for the show. Next in was Samantha Zack, who remembered me from Cleveland... She told me that I had a great memory to remember her, and she signed the poster... Next one in was Michael DeVries, he asked me if I was seeing the show today, and I said, No, I'm seeing it on Tuesday, I told him I was really excited. He shook my hand and Asked my name, and Said, so nice to meet you... Next in Was Briana Yacavone (who was so cool to meet) I said "Hey! How was LA?" She said "It was great, it was so warm there compared to here, and, you got a really nice day here compared to every other day!" Next in was P.J. Benjamin... He said "Hey! You've been here before!" I said "Yeah!" and he signed and went in. Next in was the ever so amazing NICOLE PARKER! She walked up, and she had a scarf covering her face, so I asked, "Hey are you in Wicked?" and she pulled off the scarf right as I asked, and At the saime time, she said "Yes! I'm Nicole" and at that time, I said "Oh! Your'e Nicole!" she asked my name, and she wrote "to K...." then signed... She asked "When are you seeing the show?" I said "tuesday" she said "All Right! see you then!" I then got a picture with her, and I told her she was HILARIOUS on MadTv, and told her she NAILED Britney Spears, and she said "Thanks!" and "Enjoy the Show on tuesday!" and Gave me a high five... She then went in. Then Robin Wilner came in, and Signed. She was very nice. Next in Was Nova Bergeron, and Lindsay K. Northen. They came in at the same time, so Nova signed, and I said"Hey! I met you like twice on tour!" She said "Oh Yeah! Great Memory!" and thanked me for coming. Then Lindsay popped her head out and said "Hey K... do you want me to sign? I said "Yeah! Thanks!" She said "I'm Glinda today, I just found out... Next in Was Alex Brightman (Boq) He was coming to the door, and he stopped to talk to a lady from the stage crew outside about something that had made him "Laugh harder than he ever had." Then he walked up to me, and said "Hey!" And I said "Are you Alex?" and he said "yeah!" I said "Will you sign?" He said "yeah! I'd love to! Is right around here cool?" (He was indicating a spot on the Glinda side of the poster) I said "Yeah!" "Are you seeing the show today?" and I said "No, I'm seeing you guys on Tuesday!" He said "What's your Name?" so I told him, and he said, "Ok! Hope to see you on tuesday! Drop by and I'll say hey after!" so I thanked him, and he went in. Next in was Jonathan Warren, who I had run into the night before, and he said 'Oh Hey!" and I said "hey Jonathan!" So he signed and went in... Next in were Sam J. Cahn (Chistery) and Jonathan McGill. I said "Hey Sam!" And he did a bit of a double take, saying "oh! Wow! I can't believe you know my name!" He and Jonathan signed... Next in was Adam Perry, and When i asked him to sign, he said sure and then stopped, and said who he played (Ensemble) as if he was unsure if I still wanted him to sign, but of course, I did. Everyone in the show is equally important, and I hate it when people don't get the Ensemble's signatures, because they are a huge part of the show! I always encourage people at the stage Door to get them to sign, and they usually do! Next in wasRobin Wilner, and I asked her to sign, and she said "yeah!" and signed! She was very nice! Next was Kathy Santen, who had rushed away last time, but she is very nice, and Signed, and asked if I was seeing the show today, and I told her I was on Tuesday... Next was Lindsay Janisse, who I trecognized immediatley, and I asked her to sign, and she looked a bit taken aback, and she said "Yeah! of course!" and autographed it! Next up was Adam Fleming, and I recognized him and we talked for a few minutes about him playing Boq in Chicago... He too seemed shocked that I recognized him. Next in was Aaron Tveit, who I was really excited to meet, because he did not Stage Door last time I was in NYC... So i asked him to sign, and got a picture, and He asked if I was seeing the show that day and I said "No, on tuedsay..." and he said "Cool! I'll be there!" and went in. Next in was Tony Galde, who signed, and seemed to remember me from the last time I was there, and said "How many times have you seen the show?" I said "Tuesday will be my 7th" and he asked "Have you been backstage yet?" and I said "Yeah, Brad Weinstock took me back in Cleveland" and He said "Oh, Have you been back here yet?" and I said "No" and he asked me if I wanted to go backstage on Tuesday at 6, and I said "Sure!" and then He turned to my Dad and Introduced himself. He then asked my dad if it was ok if We went backstage on Tuesday, and My dad said "Sure!" and Tony said "Wait, are you seeing the show today as Well?", and I said "no, were seeing Shrek at 3." and he said "Oh well, I could take you back right now!" and we said "Sure!"
Here is the Video I took:
soo we went in the Door, and were waiting for the Elevator, and Tony was talking to us, and asked me where I had seen the show, and I told him... The elevator FINALLY got there lol, so we go up, and there is a costume lady, who wheels a cart into the elevator, and I got to see the Emerald Cty costumes UP CLOSE! AHHHH! So Tony takes us backstage, and shows us the green baby, and the props, and the sets, with the 2 grimmeries, and the "Dancing Through Life" Hat, with the giant Flower on it... I see the "As Long as you're mine" Fiyero Lantern, and then we walk onstage. It was BREATHTAKING. I had set foot on a few Professional stages before, but seeing the Gershwin Theatre from that point of view, the very first Broadway Theatre I was ever in, was totally cool. Tony shows us the Hydraulic elevatore for "No Good Deed" where Nicole (or ELphaba) comes up for that scene. He shows us the melting Trapdoor, and at the VERY edge of the stage, right by the pit, there are fans that blow UP, so that hen all of the fog comes out onstage, it does not fill the pit. Also, many people have probably wondered, but those four little circles in the middle of the stage are the fans that blow Up on ELphaba in No Good Deed. I got to see the Bubble UP CLOSE as well! It was down about 5 ft off of the Stage. It was SO COOL! Then, we went off to Stage right, and I saw the Midwwife mask, and some of the Opening stuff. Then, I turn around, and Nicole Parker is walking toward the Stage, and I say "hey Nicole!" and she says "Oh! Hey again K...! You get to watch Lindsay and I practice the FIGHT!", So then Lindsay walks past, and I say Hi, and so does she. Nicole puts the Hat on, and they begin to practice. That was AMAZING getting to watch! Then Tony walks my Dad and I back to the Elevator. Dad asks Tony if there is any advice he has for me, as this is what I want to Do someday, (I was so busy looking around that I forgot to ask) and He talked to me for about 15 minutes, but to sum it up in a few scentences, he told me to Work EXTREMELY HARD, have a good work ethic, and to let this be something you DO, not something you ARE. He told me to not go in over my head, and to be greatful when I get a role. He gave me some AWESOME advice, and I will definatley keep it in mind. It will be so helpful. So as we are about to leave, I see Brynn O' Malley (Nessa) and Timothy (a.k.a Toby) Parker (Dillamond) talking, so I go over, and say "hey! Are you Brynn?" She says "Yes! I am!" I say "Will you sign this poster?" She says "Sure!" She signs, and smiles, and hands it back to me, and ther is an announcement over the loudspeaker that "...there is cake in the green room, Have a great Birthday!" So I ask Brynn "Is it your birthday?" she said "Oh! No, it's Toby's!" So I turn around, and wish him a Happy Birhtday. "Thanks!" He says. "Will you sign?" "Sure! Are you seeing us today?" "No, on Tuesday" "Oh! Cool! Hope to see you then!" (well his u/s was on, but he was prob on a BIRTHDAY ADVENTURE!. So he signs, and we leave to go see Shrek (Which was AMAZING!)

 Me and Nicole Parker
 Me and Aaron Tveit

Me and Briana Yacavone

Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 7pm.
The show, was FANTASTIC.
Nicole Parker as Elphaba brought to the role some fantastic acting, some of the best EVER. Wonderful voice. I know ther are mixed reviews out there, but trust me, beleive ONLY the positive ones. She was FANTASTIC. Her Defying Gravity and No Good Deed in Particular impressed me. Alli Mauzey was hilarious, and amazing. In the "Popular" scene, when she said "Fiyero and I are going to be married" Most Glinda's just sing a high note or make a spazzy movement, but she ran to her bed, and SCREAMED into the pillow. It was HILARIOUS. She has a wonderful soprano, and did the Alli Note! (may also be known as the Hilty High note or the Cheno Note.) Aaron Tveit was so awesome. Great Fiyero, he did his special riff in Dancing Through Life. He and Nicole had wonderful Chemistry in The Lion Cub scene, and As Long as You're mine.
Alex Brightman was a Great Boq! Portrayed the Character Perfectly (though Brad is still the best :). Really felt his pain in the Goverener's Mansion scene. It was Cristy Candler's first night back in the company. Wonderful job. She was so good during Wicked Witch of the East, and her acting was great. Michael DeVries was a Great Dillamond! He was great, and I really enjoyed his performance! P.J. Benjamin did a Fantastic job...was just as amazing as the touring days! He still finds interest in the part, and makes him interesting to the audience. He has a really nice voice as well. Jayne Houdyshell did a very good job. She Gave a great performance... her speech in Defying Gravity was just as menacing as you could want.

After the show....

My Dad and I skipped curtain call, and ran to the Stage Door, I tripped down a few steps!
We got there, and First out was Kristen Leigh Gorski (Witch's Mother) who was Very nice, just like last time... Next was Jonathan Warren, who remembered me from Sunday, and said HEY! He signed, and Samantha Zack was out next, and she thanked me for my support, and for remembering her. She signed. Next was Nova, who obviously remembered me, and Thanked me for coming. Next was Sarah Bolt, who was very nice and Signed, and remembered me from last time... Brian Wanee was next out, and signed, and thanked me for coming, and asked me if I enjoyed the show... I said "Yes!" he said "Oh good! Thanks for coming..." Next was Briana Yacavone, who said "Hey K...! Thanks for comin'! Did you enjoy the show?" "I did! you were fantastic!" "Thanks so much!"She signed my poster and left. Next out was Ryan Patrick Kelly, who I said "hello!" to, and he said "Hey! Your K... from the Tour!" "yeah! Will you sign? you guys were great tonight!" "Sure! Thanks!" Next was Jerad Bortz, who came and signed... I said "Hey! You were in Pirate Queen! You are the 3rd person I've met this week who was in that show!" "Yeah! I was I had so much fun doing htat one! Glad you enjpyed the show! See you later!" Next out were Sam J. Chan and Jonathan McGill. They both signed... Sam said "Thanks for coming! I'm Glad you enjoyed it!" (Jonathan said something along those lines too) Next out was Tony! Yay! He was on for the Witch's Father, and he did a great Job! I thanked him again for the tour, and he said "No Problem! Did you like the show?" "Yes!" I said. Next out was Kenway Hon Wai K. Kua, who was nice, and Signed, and thanked me for coming... Next was Lindsay Janisse, who I asked to sign, and she did. After that was Robin Wilner, and she remembered me from sunday and said "hey again! Thanks for coming, Glad you Enjoyed it!" After Robin, pretty much the rest of the people to come out were the leads. Alex Brightman and Cristy Candler came out together, and I said "Hey Alex!" He said "Oh Hey again K...!" He came over and asked how I enjoyed the show... "It was great! you were awesome!" "Oh! Thanks Man!" Then Cristy came over, and said "Hey!" I said "hey" back! She said "How did you like the show?" "You guys were GREAT!" I reply "Oh! Thanks so much! " THen she and Alex started to sign. Alex asked "Are you saving this spot for Alli?" And I said "no, I think She'll sign around here", and Cristy Jokingly added "Yeah Alex! Don't take Alli's spot!" Then I said "Hey Can I get a Picture with you guys?" They said "Yeah! Of COurse!" Then Alex Jokingly added "Wait... No." He laughed, and we all got a picture... When the picture was done, I saw Alli Signing, but it did not look like her at first, so I said "Alex, is that Alli?" "Yes it is!" so she came over, and said "Heeeey!" and I said "Hello! You were fantastic!" "Oh Thank you!" I Said "Alli, I Actually have something for you" while she was sgining. "Whaaat? Oh, that's so nice!" she said. I said "Well First will you sign this little photoboard?" So she signed on her picture, and then I got our the Drawing That I did of her in the Catfight wih Marcie Dodd. she said "OH MY GOSH YOU DREW THIS? THIS IS BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU SO MUCH!" Alex Brightman passed by, and she turned and said "Oh Alex! Lookie what I got!" and showed it to him... He said "Oh! Wow! cool." She then gave me a big hug. SHe turned around to one of the guards and gave the drawing to him, and he took it inside. Alli Turned around to me and said "He's going to put it in my mailbox, so I can put it in my dressing room. Thank you so much. That is gorgeous." "You're welcome!" I said... I then said "Oh Alli, I have this picture of you pasted over Jennifer Laura Thompson's picture of the Grimmerie..." and she laughed SO HARD. She then wrote "Best Witches...(heart) Alli Mauzey."I then got a picture with her... She is so nice. Next out was P. J. Benjamin who recognized me and asked "How many times have you been to the show?" and I said "7" he said "Oh my gosh Wow... haha." He then signed the poster. Next out were Lindsay K. Northen, and Chelsea Krombach... I asked them to sign and they did. I asked "Lindsay, how did it go on Sunday?" "Great! Thanks!" And Chelsea told me it was nice to meet me again, and I said "You too!" Next was Jayne Houdyshell. She said "hey look! it's my buddy!" (I had run into her like 4 times earlier that week) I told her she was great and she said "Thanks!" The suspense was up... we were all waiting for Nicole, and the Door opened and out walked... A family who had just gotten a backstage tour. Ok Seriously. So about 5 minutes Later, out walks NICOLE PARKER! She walked up to me and said "Hey! It's K... right?" "Yeah! You were amazing!" "oH Thank you!" She signed the poster. I said Nicole I actually have something for you... I said "Well first, will you sign the photoboard?" So she wrote "To K... Nicole Parker" on it, and then i gave her the drawing. She looked like a child who got the bike they wanted for their birthday. "Oh My god. are you serious? This is for me?" "Yes" "Shut up! really? This is Beautiful, I... Well... Will you sign it? You are awesome!" I blinked, and said "Wha... Sure! So I wrote "You Rock Nicole!" and signed... SHe then gave me this big smile and a hug, and everyone at the door was giving thse little "Aw's" I then said "Hang on there is one more thing... I had to go through my mountain of programs and psters, and grimmereis (oh my). So I got to the page in the Grimmerie, where I put her head over Idina Menzel's, and she laughed really hard when she saw it... I asked her if she could write something funny, and she wrote "This is what I look like in the morning before coffee" and then signed. She gave me another hug, and I asked to get another picture! She said "Yeah! of course!" and we posed for a picture, but my camera died. My dad rummages around for his camera. and Nicole says "K... I'm gonna sign for these two, and then I'll come back just one sec..." so she does, and my dad takes the picture. Then I ask Nicole if Aaron Tveit was planning on coming out, and she said "I think he might have already! There's another exit..." SO I gave her the Drawing that I was gonna give to Aaron, and asked her if she could give it to him when she saw him next. She said "Sure! Thanks so muchf or my drawing!" I said "No Problem!" and then we left, because I had already met Aaron. That was one heck of a trip to Wicked. it was so awesome!

 Alex, Cristy, and I

 Alli and I
 Anthony and I
Nicole and I

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