Monday, July 13, 2009

Dee Roscioli to replace Nicole Parker as Elphaba in WICKED on Broadway

Since there has been so much rumor and Speculation, Innuendo, Outuendo, allow me to set the record straight, Dee Roscioli will be making her Broadway Debut Next Week as Elphaba on Broadway, replacing Nicole Parker... It seems only last week that Nicole Joined the show, but she says that she wishes to return to the role in the future... Expect to see her dawn the Cape, broom and Green again people...

Back to Dee... Yay! I am very excited for Dee Roscioli! She is amazing, and I know she will rock the Gershwin!!

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Marie. said...

Congrats to Dee for making it to Broadway! I havent seen her perform but I just saw pictures of her on the Wicked Facebook about her hitting 301 performances (I think it was 301)!