Saturday, May 15, 2010

So Sorry!

Hey Guys! So I am so sorry I have not put up my most recent Wicked experience(s) from NYC about a month ago (i know!) I will do it very soon, I have been very busy, Sorry!

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I just wanted to let you all know about an auction on ebay that's coming up, featuring notes from the rehearsals of the West End production of Wicked.

Chicago – DirectorsLabChicago, founded in 2005 by Chicago-based directors Elizabeth Margolius and Karin Shook, has grown into an international yearly event at the Chicago Cultural Center. Directors from around the world gather to exchange ideas and discuss what it means to be a director. The first event of the lab on June 14th, at the Chicago Cultural Center in the Cassidy Theater, open to the public, brings a frank and in-depth conversation with some of the city’s most prominent stage directors as they discuss the varied approaches to their work. But the excitement doesn’t end there! Also starting at 7pm CST that day, there will be a week-long auction on eBay (eBay ID: directorslabchicago), to assist their mission of bringing the highest level of quality to the Lab.

In the spirit of the event, the items up for auction will be pages of notes, autographed by the director, written during rehearsals of some of the most important productions by some the rising stars as well as some of the biggest names in American theater.

What can be said about Wicked that hasn’t been said? After 3 Tonys, a Grammy, a record breaking Broadway run, a 2010 Olivier Audience Award for Most Popular Show, it’s all been said. And deservedly so. Our final page of notes comes from London’s West End production of Wicked, directed by Joe Mantello. These notes are especially unusual since the director has admitted that he normally doesn’t take notes during rehearsals of his shows and after much searching this was the only piece of paper he could find, so this may very well be the only self-written example of directorial insight into the production of Wicked in existence!

If you’ve ever wondered what a director was thinking when they made a certain decision about a show you were seeing, NOW is your chance to own an historic piece of American Theater history. All proceeds benefit DirectorsLabChicago’s mission of being THE place to learn what it means to be a director in the theater!

Questions regarding the event should be directed to Kevin Hanna, via email, to