Saturday, July 10, 2010

Goodbye Donna Vivino

Hey Everyone. Donna Vivino's last performance with the tour was this past Sunday. I have been in contact with her since she joined as Standby in November 2007, and now nearly 3 years later, she has finally finished with the show. She will be missed dearly, and I hope that the Producers of the show will ask her to join the broadway company of Wicked, when Mandy Gonzalez leaves (but I hope Mandy stays for a while :) Please Comment if you saw Donna, or have any stories about a stage door, or theatre expierence that has to do with Donna, and Lets Welcome Jackie Burns to the Role of Elphaba!


Anonymous said...

I saw Donna Vivino when she came here in March. 1 word. SPECTACULAR!!!! She shined and I was just completely blown away. Inspiration. I <3 you.

Anonymous said...

I went June 6th, She was extraordinary, BEST ELPHIE EVAR!

Tarah Beaven said...

Hi there!

I'm contacting you on behalf of an agency who is announing that Mandy Gonzalez from the SF Wicked cast will be making a special debut - I'd love to send over the information to you. Please contact me at Thanks! Tarah