Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Wicked A Musical Biography" by Paul R. Laird

Hey Wicked fans! I bought the new book, "Wicked, A Musical Biography" by Paul R. Laird. Some of you may be wondering what this book...is. Well, the way I would describe it would be an updated Grimmerie, without all the pictures. This book features many extremely exciting things that fans of the musical and the book will appreciate. The first few chapters compare the plot of the book to the plot of the musical. There are full sypnosis' of early versions of the Wicked script, which cannot be found anywhere else. Lots of great information about how the songs came to be, and there is actually a comparison of the Broadway company to the Touring company and the technical differences.

I would really suggest this book highly. It is fairly pricy, ($39.99 at Barnes and Noble) but If you are a Wicked fan of any kind, I would say this is almost essential to your collection! Enjoy!

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