Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Unnaturally Green" a Wicked Memoir by Felicia Ricci (Happy 200th Post to Me!)

We have all heard that getting a professional gig in theatre is incredibly difficult. Well, in this book, Unnaturally Green Felicia proves that statement completely true. Felicia takes us to the first time she saw Wicked on Broadway, and describes how Elphaba became her dream role before the curtain fell at intermission. She takes us down her journey, through auditions and performances, failures, and struggles. She describes what it is like to live a life where at any given moment you could be thrown on, painted green, into the role of Elphaba in Wicked, and the pleasures and drawbacks of living such a life. She doesn't write diplomatically, or as one speaks on a talk show, talking about how perfect a time she is having, but rather is completely honest about her experiences and emotions. Describing how a dream role comes with its own set of challenges and difficulties. Not only is she completely honest about it all, but Felicia manipulates her words in a way that will chip away at your funny bone, and at moments have you laughing so hard that you cannot see the brilliantly written page in front of you. Felicia's blog always makes me laugh, but I was not expecting to laugh so hard I couldn't breathe. This book is absolutely a must read for any Wicked, or theatre fan in general, because it will leave you laughing, yet extremely inspired. This lady has many gifts, Singing, Acting, Dancing, and Writing. What Can't Felicia do?

Oh, and this is my 200th post. Woot Woot!

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