Monday, November 21, 2011

Who is my favorite Glinda?

Hi Y'all! Its me again! I am back with another post where I just talk. Someone sent me an email asking who my favorite Glinda was, and here I am to answer the question!! :) I have seen 10 different Glindas.

Jennifer Laura Thompson
Kate Reinders
Megan Hilty
Christina DeCicco
Katie Rose Clarke (x3)
Meggie Cansler
Alli Mauzey
Chandra Lee Schwartz
Amanda Jane Cooper
Natalie Daradich

Every single one of these talented ladies have brought something incredibly special to the role of Glinda. She is such a funny character, and lots of times ends up taking the title of funniest performer onstage, but also requires emotional depth, a legit soprano AND a strong belt, and the ability to do all of the above while running around the stage in a 30 pound dress. It is no easy job, especially as Glinda is onstage pretty much the whole show. Doing this night after night (especially when touring) has to be incredibly draining, and I admire everyone I have seen do it.

I have two favorite Glindas, KRC, and AJC, but if I had to pick just ONE, my favorite Glinda is Amanda Jane Cooper. She has incredible star quality. She stole the stage whenever she was on it. She had only been on with Mariand Torres once before I saw her, and it seemed like they had done it together a million times. "Popular" was a hoot. She literally hooped and hollered, and you could tell she was having tons of fun. Her sincere scenes were wonderful as well, and really well thought out. She was always in the moment.

So there ya go :) I will make one with my favorite Elphaba soon! :)

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