Sunday, April 29, 2012

Goodbye Anne Brummel and David Nathan Perlow!

Wicked 2nd National Tour says goodbye to two amazing cast members today!

As previously Announced, Wicked's 2nd National Tour will welcome Christine Dwyer as Elphaba and Billy Harrigan Tighe as Fiyero this week in Durham.  However, I would like to make a post saying farewell to the current Fiyero and Elphaba, David Nathan Perlow, and Anne Brummel.

To start, I will say goodbye to David, one of my favorite Fiyeros.  I was fortunate enough to see him play the role in September and he gave an incredible performance.  He has a phenomenal voice and a great presence onstage and off.  Such a talented guy, as well as incredibly nice at the stage door.  I hope to see him reprise this role in one of the other Wicked companies around the world, which I am sure he will.  David joined the company in December 2010 and has been traveling with them since.  We will miss him!

Next, Ms. Anne Brummel.  Anne has been appearing in Wicked for nearly four years.  She joined the Chicago company of Wicked in 2008 as the understudy for Elphaba, then transferred to the 2nd National Touring Company when they opened in March 2009.  She did not appear in the 2nd Tour's debut City, Fort Meyers, Florida, due to an injury, but returned afterwards.  She understudied the role of Elphaba until March 2010, when she took over as the standby for Elphaba, replacing original standby, Carrie Manolakos.  She stood by for the green girl until January 2011, when she took over the role full time, and has been playing it since.  She has done a phenomenal job as Elphaba in all different capacities, and I look forward to whatever is next for her.  Hopefully we will see her painted green and wielding the broom in another company of Wicked soon :)

Best wishes to Anne and David, and much luck and positivity to Christine Dwyer and Billy Tighe! :)

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