Monday, April 1, 2013

Goodbye Christine Dwyer, Jeanna De Waal, and Billy Tighe!

Last night, Oz's 2nd National Tour said goodbye to three hugely important people!  Christine Dwyer, Billy Harrigan Tighe, and Jeanna De Waal!  It is rare that the three leads of the show leave on the same day, but this happened to be one of those times!  Billy joined Wicked in 2010 as an ensemble member and Fiyero understudy, leaving the show in 2011, and returning in April 2012 as the show's leading man!  Jeanna has been with the show since June 2012 as Glinda and has done a phenomenal job, and Christine Dwyer joined the show way back in March 2010 in the ensemble as an Elphaba understudy.  She moved up to standby in early 2011, and I actually got the amazing opportunity to see her go on in Pittsburgh, and she was incredible, with one of the purest voices of any Elphaba I have ever seen.  She then briefly departed the company in December 2011, and returned in April 2012 as the show's leading lady! :)  We wish all three of them the best and we hope Oz has not seen the last of them! :)  Best witches to Jennifer DiNoia, Hayley Podschun and returning 2NT member David Nathan Perlow!

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