Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fan Mail Etiquette!

Hi Guys!  I thought I would do a post on how to do fan mail properly and respectfully, because there are several things that you should and should not do when sending fan mail to a Broadway Performer!  In particular, because Wicked fans love to send mail to all of the wonderful actors and actresses in this incredible show!

THE DO'SThese three things are important to remember when sending fan mail!
1. Always write a letter.  Put in thoughtful words as to why you are writing to this person!  Why do you love them?  In what ways do they inspire you?  What did you love about their performance?  Be sure not to just request something signed, because to sign something and potentially respond to your letter takes performers time and effort!  Do your best to be courteous.

2. Always include an SASE with your letter if you want a response.  If you want anything back, and even if you are sending YOUR playbill or photo to be signed, include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.  It makes the returning of mail so much easier and quicker for these wonderful human beings.  Think about it!  If you were answering so many letters, wouldn't you rather be able to slip a photo/playbill into the envelope quickly and send it back out as opposed to having to find this person's address, find an envelope, pay for postage, and put an entire package together?

3. Always have patience!  These people have 8 shows a week to do, not to mention rehearsal, press events, personal lives and sleep!  Many performers do respond to fan mail, but give it some time, don't expect a response too quickly!  Good things come to those who wait! :)

THE DO NOT'SThese are important things that you should NOT do when sending fan mail.
1. Send multiple requests to the same performer. (Admittedly, I am totally guilty of doing this in the past!) If you have something special that you want signed, but have already sent to this performer, that is one thing (at least in my opinion), but if you are simply wanting to see more and more responses pile up in your mail box, REFRAIN from sending multiple responses!  Especially twice within the same run!  This one is not a black and white 'rule' but in general, don't exceed one request.

2. Ask for excessive stuff. Asking for a playbill and/or a picture is totally normal and commonplace.  However, sending/requesting 20 pictures or a large number of playbills might not be the best idea because it takes time and energy, and there are only a limited supply of both!

3. Send performers Facebook messages or Tweets asking about the whereabouts of your mail.  This will not end well.  Facebook and twitter are personal accounts for these people, and generally speaking, should not be used to check up on fan mail.  If you notice that lots and lots of time has passed since you sent your request and you have not received a reply:
1. That performer may not send back responses, which is okay.
2. The performer may not have received your letter.  It's usually very hard to tell if this is the case, and I would recommend checking the address that you used and perhaps try again, though if it doesn't work the second time, I don't know what to tell ya!

Each of these are case by case, but as a general rule, these guidelines should help things stay respectful and professional!  Happy mailing!

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