Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Feature!

Hey guys!  I'm trying to think of new ways to keep this site fun, fresh and WICKED!  I have come up with a way to keep me posting at least once every Monday-Friday of the week, even if there isn't really news of any kind!  Here they are!

Musical MONDAY: I will post a picture of a WICKED Alumni that I have seen (or that I have been a huge fan of) in another musical on Broadway, Tour or elsewhere, and talk a bit about them in that role.

Twitter TUESDAY: I will post my favorite WICKED related tweet or tweets from the previous week that were tweeted by a company member.

Welcome WEDNESDAY: I will post welcome posts to any new cast members that join the various companies of WICKED that week.

Throwback THURSDAY: This one is obvious, but this is where I will post a fun or interesting video, photo, article, tweet or something WICKED related from the past!

Fun Photo FRIDAY: To celebrate the weekend, I will post a WICKED related photo that is fun or interesting, past or present!

I hope you guys will enjoy this new feature on the site, and hopefully it will be interesting for y'all!  Keep in mind that there may be days where something won't be posted because it won't make sense to or something along those lines! :)  Enjoy!

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