Monday, October 21, 2013

Musical Monday! (Wicked). Billy Tighe in Pippin!

Billy Tighe
For today's "Musical Monday," I will be writing a little about about seeing Billy Tighe (pronounced TIE) in "Pippin."  The day that I saw the show happened to be a day that Billy was on as Lewis, a somewhat small role, but a very entertaining and potential scene stealer!  Billy played Fiyero in the 2nd National Touring Company of Wicked from April 2012- April 2013.

Tighe as Fiyero
Billy was fantastic in the role.  While Lewis doesn't sing a whole lot, the few places that he did were fantastic.  He has a really excellent voice, and I have heard great things about his Pippin and Fiyero!  I hope to catch him playing one of them someday.  He was very funny in his scenes with Charlotte d'Amboise and he and Matthew James Thomas played well off each other in their relatively few scenes together.  The line that got many laughs from the audience was "Lewis is strong and...stupid."  Billy played those aspects up well, Lewis is just a character and every single facial expression, flip of hand, dance move and costume emphasized that heavily.

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