Monday, October 7, 2013

New 10th Anniversary Wicked Flyer!

Hey all, I thought I would post pictures of Wicked's newest flyer.  Found at various locations throughout New York City, these flyers advertise the show.  For fans however, they have become another Wicked item to collect, as they often change along with cast changes.  In 2010, Wicked stopped changing the flyers, and used a design that has been used from then until now.  As you can see, the new flyer has the 10th Anniversary logo on the cover, with the words 'Celebrating 10 years on Broadway' at the top.  Inside at the top are pictures of Kerry Ellis as Elphaba (Ellis played Elphaba on Broadway for Wicked's 5th Anniversary) and Katie Rose Clarke as Glinda.  Clarke just departed the show two weeks ago.  The rest of the spread includes a large photo of "Thank Goodness" featuring Katie Rose Clarke as Glinda, Rondi Reed, and Andy Karl.  If you're in NYC and have loved collecting Wicked flyers, pick one up! :)

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