Friday, November 8, 2013

Ask Me Questions!

Ask me questions regarding Wicked or Broadway in general!
There are a few ways to do this!

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2. Email me:
3. Leave a comment on this post or in the comment box.

If I get enough questions, I will do a questions video! :)

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Anonymous said...

WICKED came out with a lot of new merchandise for the 10th Anniversary. A "new" mug, tote, and magnet(which are practically the same with the more detailed logo). Then their is the new program in four different colored covers (I guess they will have the same contents inside, do you think?). The deluxe cast album with only one new song added to the 5th Anniversary recording. Finally, there is that $100 vinyl record. What do you specifically think about these new items? Will you be buying them all? Do you feel like these are overpriced?

flyinghighwithwicked said...

Good question, thank you! I will definitely be answering this :)