Sunday, November 3, 2013

Goodbye Donna Vivino!

Vivino while Standby for Elphaba on Tour
Today, the Broadway company is saying goodbye to Donna Vivino, the rockstar Elphaba standby at the Gershwin.  Donna has been with Wicked on Broadway since August of 2011, and the Wicked family as a whole since November 2007.  She initially stood-by for Carmen Cusack's Elphaba on tour during 2007-2008, assuming the role full-time at the end of 2008. She went on to play Elphaba on Tour into July 2010, succeeded by Jackie Burns.  In 2011, she returned to Wicked, this time as the standby for Elphaba in the Broadway company, where she has been ever since.  She has gone on as Elphaba on Broadway a countless amount of times, wowing everyone who has had the privilege to see her.

I have quite the history of attempts to see her as Elphaba, and those attempts finally became reality in February of this year.   But first, let me explain.  In Cleveland on March 1, 2008, Donna went on the night before I went.  In Buffalo on July 12, 2008, she went on the night AFTER I went.  In Cleveland on December 5, 2009 (when she was lead), she was on vacation the day I went.  In 2011 she joined the Broadway company one week after I saw the show on Broadway.  On Broadway, on August 13, 2012, she went on the entire two weeks leading up to the day I went for Jackie Burns' wedding, and then the night after I went.  And early this year, I finally got to see her go green, and it was worth the wait.

She is phenomenal, and such a nice person.  I am honored to have witnessed her performance, and she has gained a supporter for life. Not only is she incredible onstage with a beast of a voice, but she couldn't be more kind, smart or down to earth.  I can't believe she is leaving Wicked, but she is going straight into rehearsals for another show called "Stars of David," which will run Off-Broadway for 6 weeks later this year. "Because I knew you..."

Donna and I in July 2008 (first meeting!)
Donna and I in August 2011
Donna and I after I saw her in February!
Donna, Tiffany Haas & I in August 2013

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