Monday, November 4, 2013

Musical Monday: Aaron Tveit in Catch Me If You Can!

Tveit and Kerry Ellis in Wicked.
For today's Musical Monday, I will be writing a bit about seeing the now "Les Miserables" famous Aaron Tveit as Frank Abagnale Jr. in "Catch Me If You Can" in August 2011.  First, I thought the show was absolutely amazing and I loved getting to see it.  I actually saw it two days after they announced it was closing.  The mezzanine was only half full unfortunately, though the orchestra looked fairly full.  While this show was another movie into musical adaptation, it certainly was excellent.  The score was probably it's weakest point, but it was still very strong, a solid Musical Theatre score. When a song landed though, it truly landed.  "Fly Fly Away," "Live in Living Color" and "Goodbye" are absolutely incredible pieces of music.

Tveit in Catch Me If You Can.
Tveit completely commanded the stage as he did when I saw him in Wicked.  For all those who know his work, it's very hard to not find his voice just perfect.  He has very extensive range that is very impressive to listen to.  He really got to show off what a great dancer he was in this show as well.  I mean, he danced in Wicked and Hairspray obviously, but he got to dance a lot more in this show.  Most know him for his vocals (especially because of Next to Normal).  He is a fantastic actor as well, which
is something not a lot of people recognize immediately.  Even the show didn't run for as long as I would have liked it to, Aaron created another character that has certainly left its mark on Musical Theatre, and especially roles for young tenors!

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