Monday, November 4, 2013

Sign up for Felicia Ricci's new online singing course, "Belt Your Face Off!" (DISCOUNT!)

Hey guys! Do you see the yelling infant in the photo above?  Well, it turns, he is belting, and belting properly!  Now you may ask where he learned to belt properly, after all, he's only a small child! 

ASK NO MORE, Felicia Ricci, the final San Francisco Elphaba standby and author of the backstage memoir Unnaturally Green is offering a course in just that: belting!  Elphaba is one of the hardest female roles to play in Musical Theatre history as evidenced and explained in Unnaturally Green.  In this course, Ricci teaches proper belting techniques that she used while playing the role.  Men and women of all levels are welcome.

Even cooler is fans of Wicked and this blog get a discount!  Simply click HERE!  This offer is ONLY good through 11/30, so hurry and sign up! Access to the course is for life, so once you enroll, you can take Belt Your Face Off! at your own pace.

Ricci has also released an e-book to accompany this course for only 99 cents on Amazon!  Click here to find the e-book, the cover looks like the image below :)

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