Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Twitter Tuesday! Carla Stickler, Christine Dwyer, Louise Dearman, Willemijin Verkaik!

I love it when Elphies tweet each other, it just shows such a network of support and "Elphie sisterhood" if you will.  In this case, Carla Stickler, who has been standing by for Elphaba since Donna Vivino's departure and who has been on many many times in the last two weeks, is tweeting farewell to her standby-ness, but including Christine Dwyer who begins her contract tonight!  Christine's response can be seen below!

Also handing over the Elphaba reigns this week was Louise Dearman of Wicked in London, the only actress to ever play both Glinda AND Elphaba full time.  She tweeted this after her final performance:

And Willemijn Verkaik tweeted Louise saying these kind words!

Gotta love the Elphaba sisterhood!  

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