Friday, December 27, 2013

Fun Photo Friday: Miranda Sings!

Jackie Burns-- I mean Miranda Sings as Elphaba
I, like many other theatre people, am obsessed and fascinated with YouTube sensation Miranda Sings.   For those who are unaware of Miranda, she is a character played by comedienne Colleen Ballinger, who is a classically trained singer and can belt her face off.  Ballinger created Miranda in 2008 and her videos have gone viral since, earning her a team of 'Mirfandas'.  Miranda wears hugely unnecessary amounts of red lipstick, sings off key, and often mutters to herself and her cat as well as making vague references to her mom and her uncle.  Miranda's dream role is Elphaba in Wicked, and it seems as though someone wants to make that happen.  If you look closely at the picture of Jackie Burns on the left, you'll notice that it's not Jackie.  Enjoy this creepy and hilarious photo and check out Miranda on YouTube!

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