Monday, December 2, 2013

Idina Menzel in Frozen!

Menzel's character, Elsa.
Hey guys!  I usually do not write much about Wicked alumni in movies, but I feel the need to make a post about seeing Idina Menzel in Frozen.  I saw the movie last Friday night, and I absolutely loved it.  The animation is amazing, the story was great.  Idina Menzel picks projects that are unique and new.  Rent, Wicked, Enchanted, etc... all have something about them that make them different from other parts of their genre.  I won't spoil Frozen's plot for y'all, but the story was very different than the typical Disney story in a way that you may not realize until the end.  

Menzel's vocal performance is stellar.  The song 'Let It Go,' which is currently #21 on iTunes, is absolutely phenomenal.  Her voice sounds fuller and stronger than I have heard it in a long time, which is saying a lot because she always sounds fantastic.  Her high notes were phenomenal and she sang with total determination.

Her character was very difficult to understand, because she wasn't the villain at all.  She can't control her powers, but they cause harm.  Her reaction is to leave everything and everyone behind, which seems natural because she is a potential danger, but she doesn't have any bad intentions.  My only problem was the fact that I follow Idina Menzel's career fairly closely, and so her character didn't look anything like her.  The two sometimes seemed like very different people.  That was by no fault of Idina's however, and I got over it within a few moments of the movie starting.

Check out Frozen and buy Let It Go by Idina Menzel on iTunes!
Menzel as Elphaba

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