Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review! Happy New Year!

Shoshana Bean, David Ayers, Jennifer Laura Thompson and company.
Happy New Year's Eve Wicked Fans!  2013 has been an interesting year for me and a great one for this blog.  I am so grateful to have an outlet where I can connect with fans as well as post news and thoughts regarding something that has changed my life so much.  In 2013, Wicked achieved several milestones. On June 18th, the show reached its 4000th performance, an impressive feat nowadays.  On September 4th, the show celebrated its 4,093rd performance making it the 11th longest running Broadway show in History, just yesterday the show officially became the first show in the history of Broadway to gross over 3 million dollars in one week, and of course on October 30th, the show reached a hugely important milestone, it's 10th Anniversary on Broadway.  Congratulations to all involved in the show, and thank Oz for the fans like us who keep it going!

Happy New Year!

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