Friday, January 3, 2014

Fun Photo Friday: Eden Espinosa and Megan Hilty on Ugly Betty!

Remember the TV show Ugly Betty?  I loved that show.  I was a huge fan, but guess how I got into it? In 2007, Wicked's website had a little tab that said "Wicked Gets Ugly" and I didn't know what that meant, thinking that it was a link to a bad review of the show (I was young) so I clicked on it and saw that Wicked would be on an episode of Ugly Betty called "Something Wicked This Way Comes."  I of course watched and I loved seeing Megan, Eden and Kristoffer Cusick on a TV show, but I also fell in love with the characters of the show.  I began watching every episode on HULU as they became available.   Above is the photo of America Ferrera and Christopher Gorham (as Betty and Henry) in the bubble and Eden and Megan on the ground.  Here's a closeup of their expressions:
Megan: "What the...?"
Eden: "Holy Crap!"

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