Monday, January 13, 2014

Musical Monday: Rachel Potter's "Live The Dream" EP!

For today's Musical Monday, I'll be writing a little about Rachel Potter's debut EP Live The Dream!  Potter has appeared on Broadway in Evita and The Addams Family and toured with Wicked in 2010 in the ensemble, and understudy for Glinda.  She released this EP in 2012, and it is great.

I am not a huge country music fan in general, but Potter's EP captures the best of the country sound while straying away from the stereotypes that can sometimes make country music unpopular.  The EP's title song is very cleverly written, as it was originally written about the street of Broadway in Nashville, but it also is the anthem for every single young person who has always wanted to pursue their dream of being on Broadway.  Since Potter is an active part of both worlds, it works perfectly for her.  Her voice shows extreme versatility from the title track, to the slower track September Song which is a total departure from the title song vocally and emotionally.  My favorite track on the album, Never You Mind, is a heartbreak song that can be applied to many different situations.  Though in Potter's situation I imagine the song is recalling a breakup, or a falling out with a close friend or family member, the song can be applied to any kind of vindictive heartbreak caused to someone by another without whining or reaching for shrill notes.  It's a fast paced song that borders between country and rock.

Overall, the EP is great and something that I would recommend to Broadway fans, but I would also recommend it to fans of any genre, especially pop and country.  Potter just recently appeared as a Top 12 finalist on the popular singing competition The X Factor (Team Kelly) and has a new album in the works.  Check this one out so that you can say you 'knew her when!'

Check out Rachel Potter's official music video for "Live The Dream!"  See how many Wicked alums you can find! :)

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