Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Twitter Tuesday: Catherine Charlebois and a WICKED good artist, T.M. Kuta!

 I had the privilege of meeting a young woman at the stage door of Wicked this Friday who was so nice, and also an unbelievably talented artist.  She made gifts for Michael Wartella, Catherine Charlebois, Tiffany Haas, Tom McGowan, Alli Mauzey, Lindsay Mendez and Christine Dwyer this time around, but has also made gifts for Donna Vivino, Katie Rose Clarke and Derek Klena! They immediately caught my attention because of the effort that clearly went into them and the fact that they were SO well done.  Each of these pieces are stylized to represent each character and embellished with a Wicked quote that is directly relevant to that character.   They are all made of mixed media, and I am sure you will see how amazing they are in the pictures below, courtesy of the artist herself, T.M. Kuta. Enjoy, and follow this extraordinary Wicked fan/artist on twitter at @TMKuta!

Click to enlarge!
The piece made for Tom McGowan
The piece made for Tiffany Haas
The piece made for Katie Rose Clarke
The piece made for Michael Wartella
The piece made for Lindsay Mendez
The piece made for Christine Dwyer
The piece made for Catherine Charlebois
The piece made for Alli Mauzey
The piece made for Donna Vivino
The piece made for Derek Klena

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