Monday, February 3, 2014

Musical Monday! Matt Shingledecker in RENT!

Matt Shingledecker as Roger
Now that Matt is a part of Wicked, I can make a post about seeing him in RENT in 2011 because it's now relevant, yay!  Anyway, I saw Matt Shingledecker as Roger in the 2011 Off-Broadway revival of Rent, and he was phenomenal.  The show is awesome, as so many know, but he was a standout.  I went into the show only knowing about him from Spring Awakening, but not being overly familiar with his voice or anything.  He was phenomenal as Roger.  Naturally, this is a role that so many people associate with Adam Pascal, who was brilliant, and for such an iconic role, it's hard to recreate.  Matt's voice isn't rough like Adam's, (not meant as a slam on AP, he's great!) and he is a superior actor.  I loved watching him with Adam Chanler-Berat as Mark, the two had amazing harmony in 'What You Own' in particular.  He worked really well with Arianda Fernandez, who played Mimi in the show, and I loved his facial expressions and commanding presence in "Out Tonight" and "Another Day".  He was more immediately likable than Roger is supposed to be, and that makes him easier to sympathize with as the show goes on.  I really liked him and am truly hoping that I get to see him as Fiyero!

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