Monday, February 10, 2014

Musical Monday: Nikki Bohne in Legally Blonde!

Nikki Bohne as Elle Woods
In 2011, I saw Nikki Bohne in Legally Blonde when the 2nd National Tour came to Erie, PA.  This was the non-union tour starring Nikki as Elle and Nic Rouleau (now Elder Price in The Book of Mormon) as Emmett.  I had seen the First National Tour in 2009 with Becky Gulsvig as Elle, and Becky was phenomenal, but I especially loved Nikki.  She had quite a powerful voice and I remember thinking that she would make a great Glinda OR Elphaba, but ended up deciding on Glinda.  She had such a charming and sparkly personality onstage and off, and her smile shone to the back of the orchestra which is where I sat. The Warner Theatre (irony!) in Erie isn't large, and so they didn't have a full set that night, but the show was still VERY impressive and Nikki was a star.  I got to meet her (and Nic!) after the show and talk to her a bit and I told her she would make a great Glinda and she said "I'd LOVE to play Glinda!"  Fast forward to now, and look what happened! :)  So excited to hear all about her debut when it happens, and I know she'll go very very far!

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