Monday, February 24, 2014

Review of New 1NT Cast Members!

In January, I got the opportunity to see new cast members Nick Adams, Jenny Florkowski and Tim Kazurinsky, the new Fiyero, Nessarose, and Wizard on the First National Tour, but only reviewed the cast members that were there before.  In addition, I also got to see understudies Rick Desloge as Boq, and Keith A. Bearden as Dr. Dillamond.  I did not post a review on these cast members and I am doing so now!

Nick Adams
First, Alison Luff, Gina Beck and Alison Fraser remain amazing and did a phenomenal job.  Alison Luff's performance in particular is very very consistent, and Gina and Alison Fraser shake things up a little more each performance.  Nick Adams was a very strong Fiyero.  I have followed his career since I was younger (I was introduced to him during his time in The Pirate Queen).  He is most well known for his role in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.  That role is just about as un-Fiyero like as it is possible to be.  I went in with absolutely no idea what to expect.  He is a very very versatile actor.  He was strong in voice, body and speech, and I loved his vibrato.  He and Alison Luff had already found their own chemistry despite it being his first week in the role.  He swung in for the cornfield scene a little earlier than he was supposed to but overall it wasn't a big deal and it made me laugh!  I also loved him at the end.  I only wish I was sitting closer so I could have see his facial expressions more. Jenny Florkowski was an excellent Nessarose.  I liked Jaime Rosenstein quite a lot, especially vocally, but it was nice seeing a new interpretation!  I thought Jenny was a stronger actress, making the character a little less mean and much more likeable.  She wasn't QUITE as strong vocally as Jaime though.  However her voice is GORGEOUS and she sang very well, and I am confident she will continue to grow into the role.  Loved her.   Tim Kazurinsky was excellent as the Wizard.  I loved John Davidson's larger than life interpretation of the role, but I preferred Tim in every scene except 'Wonderful' (John really nailed that one).  He was very funny and quirky and he is SO TINY which added something really interesting to the energy onstage.  He wasn't physically intimidating like John Davidson was, but more so intellectually charming.  He was excellent.

Alison Fraser and Tim Kazurinsky
Rick Desloge was an awesome Boq.  It was so cool to finally see him in the role after all these years (I have seen him in the ensemble 4 times) never thinking I'd get to see him go on.  He has a really nice voice and I loved that he laughed a lot.  He seemed genuinely joyous in the Ozdust scene, but then later he just ran out of enthusiasm for Nessa.  I think we have all had relationships, or known people in relationships, where it all starts out really well and then it just falls apart, and something about Rick and Jenny brought that out and I found that funny.  Finally, Keith A. Bearden was an awesome Dr. Dillamond.  VERY soft spoken, he has a much higher voice than Tom Flynn.  Both work excellently but it was a cool change!  I don't know what else I can say about the role of Dr. Dillamond, but he did an excellent job!

Here are some stage door pictures I never posted!

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