Monday, March 31, 2014

Musical Monday: Andy Karl in Rocky!

Margo Seibert and Andy Karl in Rocky: The Musical!
On Saturday afternoon, I got to see the new Broadway musical Rocky at the Winter Garden Theatre.  The show has several Wicked alums in it, Sam J. Cahn, James Brown III, John Schiappa, Dan'yelle Williamson, Adam Perry, and most notably Andy Karl.  Before I talk about Andy Karl's performance in Rocky, for those who do not know, he starred in Wicked on Broadway as Fiyero from February 2010-January 2011.  I got to see him in the role in April 2010, and liked him a lot.  He did a great job with the role.  I have also seen him perform in The Mystery of Edwin Drood as Neville Landless.  He was hysterical and stole the show.

Rocky was a pretty good show overall.  Act two was much stronger than Act 1, it was very exciting and I rooted for Rocky more during the second act than the first.  The score was pretty good overall, though I will not be in any huge rush to buy the cast recording.  Both Karl and Seibert had stellar solo moments though, and their voices are both phenomenal.  Karl was a very good choice for Rocky.  He had perfect inflection, vocal mannerisms and attitude.  I am familiar with the film and I thought he did a great job not imitating the portrayal of the character that everyone is familiar with.  He certainly stayed true to the character, but he made it his own.  The show is a marathon for whoever is playing this role, and he certainly did not seem exhausted after the show, which shows that he knows how to pace himself.  I could see him possibly being nominated for a Tony Award for the role, because he really drives the show.  I would give the show a 7/10.  It was an very enjoyable afternoon and I have had parts of the show stuck in my mind, which is a good thing!  I would recommend the show to people, though it is not at the top of my recommendation list.

Andy Karl, Katie Rose Clarke and Rondi Reed in Wicked

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