Monday, May 5, 2014

Musical Monday: Idina Menzel in If/Then!

On Saturday night I had the honor and privilege of seeing Idina Menzel in the new musical If/Then on Broadway.  I am a huge Fanzel.  I have seen Idina twice in concert, once in 2010 and once in 2012, and I got to meet her after her 2012 concert.  I own all of her CD's, solo and theatre, I buy everything she puts out, I even watch Glee when she's on specifically for her.  Obviously I absolutely loved her in Wicked and have a love for her performance as Elphaba, but I love her so much beyond her time in the green as well.

It was amazing to finally get to see her in a musical.  After nearly a decade away from Broadway, I loved getting to see Idina Menzel playing someone live in front of me.  Every second that she was onstage was enchanting.  Everyone knows what a champion of a singer she is, and this show showcased parts of her voice that haven't had as much of a chance to shine in the past.  Yes, she got to use her famous belt several times through the show, and her 11 o'clock number 'Always Starting Over' was absolutely bone chilling, but she got to show a softer, quieter side too throughout.  'Learn to Live Without' was absolutely devastating, especially lyrically.  What I really appreciated about this show though was how well it showed her off as an actress.  Yes, the character seems to be rather similar to her in some ways, but it showed off her dry sense of humor, and it also showed off her vulnerability.  Everyone thinks of her as a tough, strong human being and while that is definitely showcased, she gets moments to cry and be vulnerable.  She absolutely deserved her Tony Nomination.  She did a beautiful job in the role and I highly recommend the show.

Menzel signing after the performance

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