Monday, May 19, 2014

Musical Monday: Mark Evans in The Book of Mormon!

Evans as Fiyero and Elder Price
On Saturday night I was able to see the First National Touring company of The Book of Mormon in Columbus, Ohio.  The last show I saw there was actually Wicked back in 2007!  Anyway, Mark Evans is currently playing the role of Elder Price in that company.  Evans played the role of Fiyero in the West End company of Wicked.

I have now seen The Book of Mormon three times, and have seen three different Elder Prices.  I saw Nic Rouleau the first time I saw the show in August 2012, Jonathan Cullen last July and now Mark.  I would say that Mark has the strongest voice of the three.  His voice was totally effortless, at points even a little too effortless.  The score didn't seem challenging at all for him, his sound is very graceful, open and connected.  There were times I had a bit of trouble understanding what he was saying but overall that didn't matter much.  He was absolutely the strongest dancer of the three that I have seen, even though Price isn't a dance heavy role.  He moved with ease and grace.  His voice was slightly higher than the other two that I have seen and that was cool, and he looked like he was having fun.  I thought he and Chris O' Neill seemed very tight and had excellent chemistry onstage, which is supported by their regular selfies on twitter.  Haha!  I totally forgot that he was British because he covered the accent so well.  He did extremely well and I would love to see him in the role again!

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