Monday, September 22, 2014

Jennifer DiNoia to join LONDON cast of Wicked 10/27!

Jennifer DiNoia as Elphaba

Jennifer DiNoia will join the West End company of Wicked in the role of Elphaba on Monday, October 27, 2014.  DiNoia joins the West End cast directly from the Broadway company where she has temporarily been serving as the standby for Elphaba.  DiNoia has been a part of the Wicked family since 2006, joining the now closed Chicago company as a swing, eventually becoming understudy and then standby for the role of Elphaba.  She then joined the Broadway company in 2009 as the standby for Elphaba, and served as temporary alternate for Elphaba in the Sydney, Australia company.  She joined the Asian tour of Wicked as the Alternate for several months before returning to the states to play the role of Elphaba full-time on the 2nd National Tour.  Wicked will mark DiNoia's WEST END debut.

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