Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wicked Divas, Erie PA, Alli Mauzey and Julia Murney!

Last night I had the cool opportunity to see Julia Murney and Alli Mauzey perform in Erie, PA with the Erie Philharmonic.  I have seen Alli Mauzey as Glinda four times, and I was extremely excited to see her perform again.  Julia Murney has always been one of my favorite voices for Elphaba, but I had never seen her live in any capacity.  Having seen Wicked Divas in Buffalo last year (Julie Reiber and Katie Rose Clarke performed that night), I didn't know if I should expect the same show.  While a number of the songs performed did NOT change, the energy with the two fantastic ladies absolutely did.  Murney's vibrato was absolutely stunning, she sounded fantastic singing Defying Gravity and Back to Before (Ragtime), but I found her vocal and comedic chops were showcased best in the showstopper "Ring Them Bells" which was originally performed by Liza Minnelli.   Her voice was robust and emotive, and she had an elegance and grace onstage that could be mirrored by few.  Newly blonde Alli Mauzey was in great form as well.  Her voice is just as incredible as I remember from my last trip to the Gershwin.  She nailed Popular (of course) but really shone singing 'Think of Me' from The Phantom of the Opera.  Her range seems endless.  My favorite moment of hers, however was her singing 'My Heart Will Go On' from Titanic, where she adorably sang less than 50% of the correct words. She covered up extremely well, and still sounded flawless.  And of course the three duets between the two were fantastic. ' For Good' was as beautiful as ever, 'Enough is Enough' by Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand completely rocked the house (and gave the older people something to rock out to) and 'I Will Never Leave You' from Side Show was arguably the best moment the two shared vocally onstage.
Apart from the numbers/songs, the best part of the evening is hearing the two banter back and forth, telling stories, verbalizing introductions for each songs with wit and charm, and just enjoying watching two Broadway Divas get down.  Mauzey/Murney, Reiber/Clarke, Glinda/Elphaba anyone, I recommend seeing this if it comes to your town! 

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