Monday, January 26, 2015

My Wicked 10th Anniversary!

This is not a personal blog, but I want to take a moment to write about something amazing.  Ten years ago today was the first time I ever saw Wicked.  Shoshana Bean and Jennifer Laura Thompson were playing Elphaba and Glinda at the time, and it obviously is not a day I have ever forgotten.  My parents had seen the show in 2004 with Idina and JLT, and had desperately wanted to take us to see it, trying multiple sites and phone numbers to find tickets for the show and at last succeeding.  I am obviously quite glad that they did.  My love for the show overtook theirs in 2006, and since then I have seen it many more times, started this site in 2007, met some amazing friends through the show, gotten to know several cast members and so on.  I am so happy to be a fan of this show, and I cannot believe it has been a decade since the first time I saw it.  Also, this picture is actually from the third time I saw it, I don't have digital copies of the pictures from the first!

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