Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jennifer DiNoia has replaced Emma Hunton as Elphaba, Wicked 1NT.

Jennifer DiNoia
Jennifer DiNoia, fresh from a three month engagement as Elphaba at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London's West End, has replaced Emma Hunton on the First National Tour of Wicked as Elphaba.  This was not announced prior to the switch and showed up on the show's website this morning.  DiNoia has appeared as Elphaba in all three of the currently running US productions as well as in the Chicago, London, Australian and South Korean productions.  Congrats Jenny and welcome back!


Adriana Ryan said...

Is this confirmed, like 100%? I'm so confused that nothing else has been posted or released. I have tickets to an upcoming date, and would like to know what to expect. Where is this coming from, and do we know why?


Kyle said...

Hi Adriana, the story that is being supported throughout the internet is that Emma Hunton ahs been ill for a while. No announcement was made, and I know just as much as anyone else, but I believe that this is a more permanent situation. Jenny's name is on the website, and therefore she'll be there a while.

Adriana Ryan said...

Thanks Kyle! What website are you referring. I can't find anything for the life of me. I know Emma hasn't been performing, just assumed (or hoped) she would at least finish the LA run.

Kyle said...

Wicked's official website! http://wickedthemusical.com/cast-creative

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