Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Welcome Rachel Tucker and Jonah Platt! A Summary of Yesterday!

Hey guys!  I posted these on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but I thought I would make a post on the actual website as well!  A friend sent me some pictures of Rachel Tucker and Jonah Platt's new pictures outside the Gershwin Theatre as well as the updated cast list!  I also decided to include a picture of Ben Platt with his brother's photo because it's too cute not to post!

I have heard nothing but rave reviews for these two, I have not seen this kind of excitement for a Wicked cast change in a long time.  Rachel Tucker was a hit in England and that enthusiasm has followed her and grown across the pond.  I hear she was in top form, added some sweet riffs and embellishments and was a fantastic actress.  I have heard equally glowing things about Jonah, for whom Wicked is his Broadway debut.  I am going to get to see these two in action this Winter and I could not be more excited.

I also thought I'd include screenshots of  some of my favorite tweets from yesterday from former co-stars and Elphies alike!  Among them are Lee Mead (Rachels' former Fiyero), Louise Dearman (former Elphaba AND Glinda, and Rachel's former co-star), Willemijin Verkaik and Emma Hatton.  Love the support and love between cast members!

And then there's this.  Way too cute.

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