Monday, May 22, 2017

Wicked on Broadway, May 13, 2pm.

I was in the city this past weekend and ended up getting to see Wicked on a random lottery win!  The only change to the cast was that Jody Gelb is now playing Madame Morrible for a few weeks (with Sheryl Lee Ralph returning at the beginning of June).  I didn't take many pictures, either unfortunately but I will provide here what I DID take!

Jennifer DiNoia is still killing it as Elphaba.  She's still as passionate as ever.  She was a little sick I believe, having been out the night before, but she gave a very strong performance and continued to remind me why I love her in the role so much.  I've written extensively about Jenny before so I feel as though doing it again is a bit extensive.  But she was lovely as ever!

Kara Lindsay is so excellent in the role of Glinda and I am very happy that I got the chance to see her again.  Her voice is beautiful and she is one of the stronger Glinda vocalists I have seen.  She's doing a wonderful job and I cannot wait to see what is next for her.

Michael Campayno continues to impress me, he keeps Fiyero interesting, and he is one of the nicest people ever, taking time to talk to me after the show, ask about my life and so forth, even though it was pouring down rain outside.  I absolutely love him onstage and off.


Jody Gelb did a really awesome job as Madame Morrible.  I saw her on the tour in 2011 when it hit Pittsburgh, and remember liking her, but she has not been a top Madame Morrible for me.  Sheryl Lee Ralph is absolutely excellent in the role, and incredibly memorable, but Jody gave a very solid performance.  She did mess up at one point (while threatening Glinda in Act 2) but it was forgivable and she kept going.  It made for quite a funny moment too.

The supporting cast. Zach, Dawn, P.J., and Chad are all as strong as ever, but I don't have heaps of new things to write about them :)  I absolutely love the current Broadway cast and recommend seeing them while they are all still there!  I do believe a few of them are nearing the ends of their contracts!

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